9 Beautifully Designed Journal Books You’ll Love on Your Shelf

POSTED ON Apr 28, 2023

Bella Pope

Written by Bella Pope

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We all know that one person who has a hundred journals littered throughout their house, decorating coffee tables and bookshelves with not a thing written in them. Okay…maybe you are that person.

Beautifully designed journals are inspiring for a lot of people, especially writers! Whether you want to write daily or just use it for keeping your to-do or shopping lists in order, a well designed journal can sway your choice of which to get.

Here are some beautifully designed journal books you can buy or gain inspiration from!

Beautifully Designed Journals With Hardcovers

Hardcover journals are great if you travel often and want to keep your work protected. They’re also perfect for stacking on any shelf or coffee table.

1. Vintage Style Hardcover With Title Customization

This beautifully designed journal is all about the classic, antique look. If you love the look of early edition books, this journal made by FoxenTales on Etsy is the one for you. 

What makes this design gorgeous is the framing style, which gives it a tone of importance and also prestige. Many people use these for poetry, guest books, or even wedding guest note books.

2. Forest Design Hardcover Journal

Flower, plant, and forest lovers, this one is for you. With a classic hardcover book design and 150 pages, this journal is great for your daily use, to-do lists, or even a cooking notebook.

Its simple lined pages make it easy to keep your work structured and the artist, MKSHP, has many other variations to choose from. You can collect them!

3. Custom Embroidery Hardcover Journal Design

It’s rare that you can get an embroidered journal in a hardcover style. That’s what really makes this beautifully designed journal book unique. Not only that, but it’s also customizable, so you can have the artist, HeilsaDiySupply, create something 100% unique to you, one that you can’t find anywhere else online.

Gorgeous Journal Designs With Leather

Hardcover journals serve a purpose, as do leather journals. Leather lasts a long time and certainly adds to a specific aesthetic. But it’s also widely versatile and you can get many different types of leather journals. 

Here are some of the most beautifully designed journal books wrapped in leather.

1. Bird & Floral Print Italian Leather Journal

This journal, made by Etsy creator ImpressoLLC is to die for if you’re the nature-loving type. While not only is it gorgeous for its floral designs featuring adorable, colorful birds, but it also has floral printing along the pages, with some looking as if the flowers are growing from the back book cover.

It’s a beautifully designed journal, handmade too!

Take a peek around their shop, they have many more journal designs you might love.

floral leather journal design with printed page edges

2. Brown Leather Customizable Journal

Depending on your style and what the journal will be used for, you might opt for a classic brown leather journal with the option to engrave and customize it like this one made by ForestNine.

With sizing options up to 8×10”, which is almost unheard of for leather journals, you can choose one that best suits your needs. You can even choose lined or unlined paper if you’re the type who likes to create art in your journals.

This design is classically beautiful with its rich brown leather that’s soft to the touch. Where this journal design really earns its beauty, though, is in the scratches and normal wear that comes with regular use. To some, that might seem like a con, but to the right person, you know the true beauty of leather when it is used, worn, and holds its history of use.

3. Colored Leather Journal With Vintage Paper

Are you a fantasy writer or have an aesthetic that belongs in the medieval time period? Then this beautifully designed journal is a must for you. This Etsy creator, GrassLanders, offers various colors and designs on the journal, completed with a strap that wraps around to secure the pages, which are have a vintage design that’s right at home with this journal design.

Classic Journal Designs You’ll Love Seeing on Your Table

The material? Doesn’t matter. These classics will look great anywhere, especially on your desk as you write in it.

1. Embroidered Floral Journal Design

If you’re looking for a handmade work of art, this beautifully designed journal book takes the cake. Embroidery is such a skill that takes time and patience to cultivate and these journals showcase the talent of the artist.

Made by HeilsaDiySupply, it’s not only unique, but comes in various types that allow you to customize the journal to fit your needs.

2. Pressed Flower Bullet Journal

Delicate, light, stunning. This journal is beautifully designed with a cover that’s made of bougainvillea pressed flowers. Not only is its cover unique, it also has two white ribbon bookmarks to keep your place while fitting the aesthetic, along with the white pen pictured. 

It also has bullet-style pages with dots instead of lines so you can draw and customize your bullet journal experience.

3. Unique Lokta Paper Handmade Journal Design

If you truly value a journal that nobody else can have, this one is for you. It’s made by artist SBBeHappy on Etsy with Lokta paper and has a unique sun-like design on the front, but each one is different.

Though the designs are similar, because of the handmade nature, no two journals will be exactly alike. It also comes with the ability to tie the front flap closed to keep all your notes or journaling contained.

handmade custom journal design with lokta paper

Journals can be so unique to each person. While one person wants to collect a hundred of the exact same designs, only swapping out the word contained within, another might want to collect an array of 100% unique designs.

No matter which you are, these 9 beautifully designed journal books should be next up on your list!

Bella Pope

Written by
Bella Pope

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