Authentic Writing

Self-publishers start out as writers, then become authors. Some people are natural writers, but the rest of us need help from time to time.

One of the best ways to connect with readers is when your writing is authentic, material that comes right out of your own experience. Although many of these resources are aimed at nonfiction writers, fiction writers need authenticity too.

It seems to me that as writers, we need to learn to draw on our deepest resources, the essential traits that define us. Writing is a creative expression that allows each of us to communicate from our unique vantage point our own view of the world. Whether we’re describing a scene from memory, the details of a scene in a historical romance, or explaining the way geology has formed the landscape, we need the skill to trust our own instincts and write our truth.

When writing is authentic, regardless of its subject matter, it communicates to the reader and draws them into the world the writer has to show them.

Although many of the articles on the blog relate more directly to books and publishing, I try to remember that it’s in the creative act that all our publishing begins. I hope you enjoy these articles.

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Writing Technique and Inspiration

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Writing Books

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Writer’s Tools

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