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POSTED ON May 17, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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There seems to be an increase in activity around author blogs. It’s easy to see why. After all, authors are writers first, and blogging is an immediate connection to readers.

Blogging is a powerful way for authors to accomplish lots of things:

  • Experiment with your material, tone, or focus.
    When you have a blog, you have a chance to find out what your readers are interested in, and what kinds of approaches they respond to. This information is invaluable in finding the best way to present your material.
  • Start to build a readership for your writing.
    The people you attract to your blog are the beginning of your “house list,” the core group that’s interested in what you’re doing and the way your express yourself. A blog allows you to start growing this group now.
  • Build the content that will eventually become your book.
    Like writing from an outline, having a blogging plan can help you work through the specific topics you need to cover. You’ll do the research and writing on each section, publishing them first to your blog, and eventually wind up with an entire book.

More Media About Author Blogs, and More Resources

Just recently I read a number of articles about author blogs, and there have been some new resources coming online as well. To find out more about author blogs, and how they can work for you, check into:

5 Keys to Promoting Your Book With A Blog on Marketing Tips for Authors,
How to Become a Blogging Expert Overnight on Book Buzzr
Why Your Blog Should Be Your Book’s First Draft on Author Tech Tips,

Another new resource that might be of interest if you’re new to blogging and want a guide to getting started:
How to Blog for Authors and Writers on The Creative Penn. In this article Joanna Penn is also introducing her brand-new, up-to-the minute module on blogging from her Author 2.0 training program. Joanna has completely updated this part of the training and is now offering it separately, to help people who want to get a blog up and running and learn how to use it to support their book publishing plans. I haven’t seen the program yet, but I know that Joanna has put her incredible focus into this training, so check it out.

Authors Who Are Active Bloggers

A list of bloggers who are authors would be very long. Here are three very different but active blogs by authors that are also fun to read.
Neil Gaiman
Cory Doctorow
Lynn Viehl

If you are an author, do you blog? Has it helped your writing career? How? I’d love to hear from you, either by email or in the comments. This is an exciting direction for authors and one that every author, particularly non-fiction authors, should consider seriously. When I continue the series on using long-tail keywords for authors, we’ll see even more ways to use your blog.

Takeaway: There are more and more reasons for authors to consider blogging and the many advantages it might give to their writing career.

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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