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POSTED ON Apr 27, 2011

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Years ago when I moved to California from New York one of the first things I did was look up the local independent publishing group. These local groups are scattered all over the country. Run by volunteers and powered by optimism, they are great gathering places for authors and people associated with the book trade.

I knew there was no better way to get up to speed with what was happening in the area. I also hoped to find some clients for my new book design business, Marin Bookworks. I went off once a month to a room in a temporary building behind one of the local high schools, and listened to guest speakers talk about promotion, book distribution and all the other things that concern small publishers.

This was before the internet was as powerful as it is now at connecting people to information, and to other people. We relied on these personal connections for our networking instead. And it worked.

A Quick Education at Publishing Conferences

I also enjoyed going to the annual big publishing bash each year, Book Expo America (BEA) but the little local publishing meetings were far more practical.

I’m still going to meetings like that every month here in San Rafael, now at the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)

But recently I found out about another publishing conference, one with a difference.

This one has all the educational courses, indie publishing experts and chances for networking you find at conferences. The big difference? It’s online.

That’s right, you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to book a flight, arrange a hotel, get a dog sitter, or rent out your house.

It’s call the Self-Publishing Online Conference, and it’s run by Susan Daffron and James Byrd of Logical Expressions Publishing.

Susan is the author of 10 self-published books, and contributed a popular post here on TheBookDesigner (The Holy Grail of Book Design).

Learn from the Best: A Lineup of 16 Industry Experts

I think this online conference is a terrific idea. Speakers include Dan Poynter, Rick Frishman, Penny Sansevieri, Roger C. Parker, Mark Coker, Joshua Tallent and ten more experts (yes, I’m speaking on book design, and pretty excited about it).

Self-Publishers Online Conference

I mean, Susan and James have tried to make this just like a conference you’d go to at some convention center somewhere. It includes:

  • Live seminars
  • An exhibit hall with displays of publishing resources
  • Discussion boards with plenty of chance to interact with speakers and other attendees

I understand there’s a lot of interaction at the event. Did I mention this is the 3rd anniversary of the Conference?

A Special Deal, But You Have to Hurry

The Conference is in pre-sale mode right now, so there’s a big bonus for registering before May 1: you’ll save $50.

Not only that, Susan has given me a special Book Designer Coupon Code just for readers. If you use this code on the registration form, you’ll automatically save another 10% off the fee.

With these two discounts, you’ll pay the special price of $87.30. After May 1, it’s going to cost $147, and I noticed that the recordings of last year’s conference are now selling for $249. So this really is a good deal. (These prices are for a Standard pass, there’s also a Premium version you can find out about on the SPOC website.

Did I mention the Conference runs for three days, from May 10 through the 12th? I should have.

Anyway, if you want to get a crash course in self-publishing, ebooks, book promotion, design, marketing and more, go over and check out the website, where you’ll find course descriptions, speaker bios and schedules of events. (Look for my end of Day 1 seminar on “Book Design for Self-Publishers”.)

Here’s the link to the website: Self-Publisher’s Online Conference

And don’t forget to take your coupon with you: MarinBookworks11

A Date with Susan Daffron

Did I mention Susan Daffron is going to sit down with me for an exclusive interview on the Self-Publisher’s Online Conference? I should have. Watch for it in the immediate future, as I ask her exactly how this conference will help self-publishers get into print.

I’m speaking at this conference and an affiliate, too, because I think it can really help people get moving on their publishing project. Why don’t you check it out? Photo by osde-info

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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