8 Keys to Self-Publishing Success Today

POSTED ON Mar 29, 2013

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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There are good reasons why self-publishing is taking off and drawing in all kinds of authors. This week we heard that funny guy and movie star Jim Carrey has decided to get into self-publishing.

Guy Kawasaki, Jackie Collins, J.K. Rowling and lots of other published authors are getting into the act also. And with good reason.

Maybe it’s the “indie spirit” or just the fact that by publishing your own books you can reverse the usual royalty calculations—you get all the profit, instead of the usual “10% of the net”—but it’s obviously a hot topic.

As you might imagine, I get a ton of inquiries every week, many with questions. We even had to set up a contact form to handle them all.

One of the common threads in these questions is the difficulty authors have putting all the pieces together.

I answer as many as I have time for, but I know people want more. More depth, more information that’s targeted and reliable, more authoritative answers to the publishing dilemmas new authors face.

Recently I made a video that addresses some of the reasons that self-publishing has become such a powerful alternative for today’s authors.

I call it “8 Keys to Self-Publishing Success Today,” and it’s live now.

The video runs about 19 minutes and is very content-rich. But you know that. There’s no fluff on my blog, just practical advice to help you build better books.

And there’s no fluff in my videos or training programs either. I’ve streamlined them so you get the information you need to do the job at hand.

Go over and check this video out, I think you’ll like it.

And if you do, or if it raises questions for you, I hope you’ll leave me a comment just below the video. That would be great.

Here’s the link: 8 Keys to Self-Publishing Success Today [Video]

You’ll get the most out of this video if you make the time to watch it straight through. Here’s the link one more time: 8 Keys to Self-Publishing Success Today [Video]


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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