6 Marketing Tips: Advice from a 12 Year Old Author

POSTED ON Aug 6, 2020

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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By Kristina Olegovna Naydonova

Today twelve year old published author Kristina Olegovna Naydonova shares with us six tips for marketing our books. Enjoy.

In any and all industries of entrepreneurship, there are a couple constant, unwavering rules that do not alter, even with a change in the specific commerce. When looking at our daily lives from a vast perspective, we realize that every day is a swift stride towards selling, whether that is a product, college application, book, or anything. Every section of business is disparate, but from a broad view, the same.

Before we begin, allow me to introduce myself – I am a twelve-year-old published author and have been scouring information about the fundamentals of successful enterprise for many years. The article below is my humble attempt at sharing what I have garnered during this period of time. Affluence is not uniform, but complementary for everybody.

1. Off With The Generic

Generic promotion is generally not helpful; it is perceived as aggravating and gives off the impression that you do not care for your customers.

When indulging in direct marketing, it has proved to be most beneficial when amending a message in a way that will appeal to readers. It takes weeks, if not months to develop and establish a stable system of regular, not one-time consumers.

The consumer is king – without their interest, the product will never sell. Every single outreach must be organic, well-crafted, and manifested in a way that will generate sales, not a bleak “congratulations” or no intrigue at all.

Take some time to research your buyers and create a system of communication that will trigger a return on investment.

2. Study Your Competition

You cannot allow for fear to vanquish prudency; it’s alright to realize that in the realms of business, there will always be somebody who is more profitable than you.

And, you should wield that as an advantage; by analyzing their most victorious tactics and implementing them into your business with a speck of personal touch, there is no saying how far you can go.

3. Consistency Is Key

I have learned to assert to the credence that without consistency, a business will be disparaged.

It is mandatory that you erect a stratagem; a plan that will spawn profit every step of the way.

Focus on one platform or social media, whether it be LinkedIn or Instagram (whatever adheres best to your area of focus), and grow your connections. You cannot make sales without at least a smattering of trust between you and the customer.

4. Never Yield Control

Until you are at the point where sales flourish with every passing second, you must uphold a tight control over every asset of what you have progressed.

Yielding to the requests of others may mean losing a grip on independence and gain; although building a support system is requisite, capitulating can be detrimental.

If you relinquish dominance, you are autonomously withdrawing the values and culture incorporated into your vision.

5. It’s Not a Race

The ilk of business cannot be encapsulated within the classification of it being a “sprint” or “who can meet it first”.

Many renowned CEOs broke through with their pursuits after decades of continuous work. It’s not a race; it’s a prudent calculation of ideas that can and should make you the next Warren Buffett.

6. Take a Deep Breath

Remember; if you are not deriving true enjoyment from the uprising of your business or novel, you should not be executing it in the first place.

Take a deep breath; refocus; and contemplate whether or not it is worth your time, resources, and energy. Because if it isn’t, it is most definitely not worth doing.

Kristina Olegovna Naydonova is a twelve-year-old published author, aspiring businesswoman, and contributing writer for ThriveGlobal. Her recent and first novel, The Black Sisterhood Files, is a thriller novel for all ages available here. Connect with Kristina on LinkedIn and follow her on Instagram.
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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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