52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

by | Nov 23, 2010

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a post originally titled 36 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers. I’ll be taking the next a couple of days off. I wish you and those close to you a fulfilling holiday, and I’ll see you on Friday. Thanks for reading!

I guess the first really “social” media was blogs. Blogs were an early sign of a fundamental shift in the media firmament. The idea that the broadcaster (the blogger) would interact directly with the audience (the readers) was explosive. And given the chance, we became social to an extent undreamed of before social media roared to life.

Blogs have become one the largest sources of news, information and opinion in the media landscape. There are few newspapers, fewer television stations. But there are millions of blogs.

Blogs for Self-Publishers

For the latest news, trends and analysis In self-publishing, support for writers, insight into the publishing process, and the transition to digital books, these are the blogs I read. No, they aren’t all self-publishers or even self-publishing advocates, and their appearance on this list doesn’t imply any kind of approval on their part.

No, I’ve curated this list myself. We need a lot of perspectives to really see the field of indie publishing. Change in the publishing industry is accelerating. Every blog on this list teaches me about how to publish, what to publish, and what’s coming in indie publishing. I hope you enjoy them.

Because you may want to click away from the list to visit these blogs, here’s a link you can bookmark when you want to come back:

52 Great Blogs for Self-Publishers

Here’s a short URL: https://ht.ly/3e4sd

Have a great time!

Note: The blogs do not appear in any particular order. If I’ve missed a blog that should be here, would you be so kind as to leave me a comment with the url and I will have a look.

This is a clickable list. Just click each graphic to visit that blog.

POD, Self Publishing and Indie Publishing
blogs self-publishers penny sansevieri
blogs self-publishing jakonrath
blogs self-publishing tribal author jonathan fields
joanna penn self-publishing blogs book marketing
walt shiel self-publishing blogs book publishing
dana lynn smith self-publishing blogs book marketing
levi montgomery self-publishing blogs fiction writing
jane friedman self-publishing blogs
cathy stucker the idea lady book marketing self-publishing
seth godin book marketing self-publishing
zoe winters indie reader self-publishing
carla king self-publishing boot camp
april L. hamilton indie author self-publishing
publetariat april hamilton self-publishing indie author
stephen windwalker kindle self-publishing blogs
steve weber self-publishing book marketing social media
alan rinzler book publishing blogs
michael n. marcus self-publishing blogging
mark coker smashwords ebooks self-publishing
tom colvin writing and publishing
christy pinheiro self-publishing
cheryl anne garner self-publishing book reviews
freya rehman book buzzr book marketing self-publishing
tony eldridge book marketing internet business
henry baum self-publishing review fiction
aaron shepard self-publishing aiming at amazon
mark barrett ditchwalk self-publishing storytelling
bob spear book trends self-publishing
dualit self-publshing indie publishing book design
thomas umstattd author tech tips self-publishing
brian clark copyblogger copywriting self-publishing
guy lecharles gonzalez digital book world ebooks
john kremer book marketing self-publishing
morris rosenthal self-publishing 2.0 print on demand
sue collier self-publishing resources tom ross marilyn ross
henry hutton publish and sell lulu.com self-publishing
victoria strauss writer beware blog self-publishing joel friedlander
julia lindsey our little books self-publishing
open publishing guide RIT book design self-publishing
judith briles the book shepherd self-publishing
carol denbow a book inside self-publishing

TLC Graphics blogs for self publishers
Writing and Publishing News self publishing blogs
Author Assist self publishing blogs
Writing Spirit Blog for self publishers
Spirit Authors blogs for self publishers
Small Press World blogs for self publishers
Full Time Author blogs for self publishers
Marketing Christian Books blogs for self publishers
Self-Publishing Today blogs

Well, that’s the 52 blogs, as promised. But, if you include this one, there’s actually 53:

joel friendlander thebookdesigner.com self-publishing book design

So go forth and read, read, read. The publishing world is changing so fast no one person can keep up with developments. It’s through the combined work of all these dedicated bloggers that we can at least know we’re keeping up with the leading edge of change.

Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, original work copyright by Titanas, https://www.flickr.com/photos/titanas/528117800/

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  1. Reeta Chauhan

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    I got to learn few names from your list which can be very helpful for me as a young publisher.


    a well organised list. all mentioned blogs will help me in getting all the information which I can use for self publishing my book.

  3. Brian Robben

    Such a great list of resources that I’ve decided to bookmark this page for future reading. Thanks!

  4. Book Publishing News

    Thanks for sharing, Joel! Great list of blogs for self-publishers.

  5. Siliconchips

    Great Blog! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Jericho

    I don’t know if this useful because its not a blog per se but a great bit of input from a self published author that got signed to Puffin because of his work https://youtu.be/-7KwmS4Quhg
    I like his viewpoint that if he can get signed through self publishing anyone else can.

    • Raymond Wynne

      Hi There . A new website called publibug.com was launched this week which offers the best deal for authors. It is a digital self-publishing site and links each book to the actual author social media network. I buy magazines through their sister site so they are legitimate. I like the way that they have designed the site and that they explain the terms and conditions simply.

      • Gene Warner

        A “best deal” for self-publishing authors is hard to find. That’s why I turned into a complete d-i-y’er for my own books. Seeing all the bad deals offered (many of which are disgusting, I must say) I’ve been working on the development of a better alternative — https://www.boysmindbooks.com/publishing/publishing.html. For those who want or need these sorts of services, this is a very practical and absolutely legitimate way to get one’s work (print and ebook versions) professionally edited and proof-read, and into the distribution channels, with the least possible up-front cost.

  7. Mooch

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