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Why Books Are the Best … for Gifts!

by | Dec 2, 2015

Of many of my favorite things, books top the list. If you are stymied of what to give to a favorite aunt, or a good friend, something that says, “I’m thinking of you … and put some thought into it.” there is one item where there is “something for everyone one”–it’s a book.

The same book isn’t for everyone … but there is a book that is. In October and November, AuthorU hosted two events that displayed over 60 individual books. There was a book that would have filled the stockings of Charlie, Sarah, Sam, Martha, Brenda, Pat, Steve, John, Shelley and little Julie. Not the same book … but a book that a giver thought would be perfect for each person on his or her list.

Sometimes, I find a book that I know is “perfect” for several of my girlfriends—I buy 10 of them … knowing that it’s what I bring when holiday hellos and drop-ins are the norm. When my book Snappy, Sassy, Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers was first published, my writer friends got it—just wrapped with a ribbon.

One time I bought 20 copies of a cookbook when I attended the author’s signing—all my foodie friends who we gather and cook with quarterly got it with a note—“At our next gathering that John and I host, each of you are to select a recipe and that will be part of our menu” … and what a delicious and salivating array it became.

If that doesn’t start you off with a few ideas, here’s a few more as to why BOOKS as gifts—and not necessarily yours—should be at the top of your list.

  1. Wrapping is the best

    Just get a sheer ribbon that picks up the color of the Holiday, your personal favorite or one within the book. Rarely an odd size, they fit easily into a bag if that’s your choice and for shipping, a piece of cake.

  2. Books don’t break the bank account

    Prices can range from a few dollars and up. Last summer, a friend’s housing development had a community garage sale. One home had boxes of books going from ten cents to a dollar—books that looked like they hadn’t been opened. Being the book addict that I am, I dove in and for $10, came away with over 20 books that went into my “gift closet”—three wonderful baskets were created for birthday giving for the fall with a variety of books in each: two for kids in the family and one for a friend in a nursing home.

    Watching my 9 year-old grandson literally lay out on the floor the series of Harry Potters I found at the sale, touching each cover as he drooled over them, made this Gramma’s heart glow. How cool is that?

  3. Any age or gender will do

    From the wee ones to the seniors, there’s a book for any age, male or female.

  4. Books are available from countless sources and easy to get

    The grocery story; big boxes (Yes, the new homeowner’s perfect gift may just be at Home Depot); online; gift shops and of course, book stores (one of my all-time favorite places to just hang out during the Holidays).

  5. Books delivered via a gift card

    Always loved in my household; whether for an online store or brick and mortar … it’s an afternoon delight!

  6. Shipping a book is a piece of cake

    If you are ahead of the crowd, media mail works and you can save money; the priority envelop at the USPS takes most books easily.

  7. Books give and give

    Who hasn’t recirculated something that they loved with a friend or family member? And when a book has “finished” its time in your home, donate to a group that can start the re-circulation.

  8. Books love to travel

    Whether print, audio or “e”, they are the best of travel companions. If you aren’t sure of which version, the gift card comes into play—if you know what book you want to give—print the cover, include with the gift card and encourage them to select the version desired.

  9. Books are the ideal way to escape

    Whether a tall adventure, a biography to the past, a laugh until the reader is almost incontinent, books deliver a new world … “a time out and away.”

  10. Books keep the brain cells happy

    Yep, no matter what, they are educational and that is good for the cognitive juices.

Not matter what, everyone you know is interested in something … even the “someone” that when you ask, “What would you like?” and responds, “I don’t know,” can be taken care of. There’s always a book for something, as weird as that something might be.

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