This Week in the Blogs, September 10 – 16, 2016

POSTED ON Sep 18, 2016

Shelley Sturgeon

Written by Shelley Sturgeon

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Hope you enjoy the articles I’ve picked out this week and don’t forget that you can find past articles from The Book Designer by category here.

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Frances Caballo on Jane Friedman
Not Sure How to Approach Social Media? CARE about Your Readers
“Among all the rules you’ll find online—the 80/20 rule (only 20 percent of your posts should be about your books or blog posts), the admonitions against using social media as a bullhorn, the warnings about over-automating—there’s also an unspoken tenet.”

Cate Baum on Self-Publishing Review
Amazon Book Reviews – “Allowed” and “Not Allowed”
“There still seems to be some confusion around what Amazon calls its Editorial Review section. Despite there being very strong evidence that it is a good idea to have editorial reviews for your book, authors are still, yes, still, muddling these up with the dreaded “paid” review.”

Chris Syme on Anne R. Allen’s Blog …with Ruth Harris
Selling Books on Social Media: 4 Steps to Less Wasted Time
“A mind-boggling 78 percent of Americans have a social media profile. And a little over half of them are on more than one channel. It is a given that authors can develop loyal audiences and sell more books with the help of social media. But how many social media channels are enough?”

Dan Wagstaff on The Casual Optimist
Book Covers of Note September 2016
“It’s September. It’s busy.”

Porter Anderson on Writer Unboxed
The Passion of Barnes & Noble
“Now in what may well be the final act of its agonies, the hulking bookstore chain sprawls on the divan of America’s Bayreuth, rising from the silks to sing, most recently, about restaurants being added to some locations—with stylish firepits!”


Shelley Sturgeon

Written by
Shelley Sturgeon

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