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Great articles full of tips and information for self-publishers and a list of writer’s conferences for August, it’s all here for your reading pleasure. Take a few minutes from your Father’s Day celebrations if you can and take a look. You’ll be glad you did.

Shari Stauch on Where Writers Win
Author Marketing Mastery #24: How Facebook Authors Connect with Millions of Readers
“We all know the power of Facebook to connect with other people. Try finding a serious reader NOT on Facebook these days, and beyond the occasional conspiracy theorist, it’ll be a challenge. So, that you need to have some measure of Facebook author savvy is a given.”

Jane Davis on How-to For Authors
How to Use BookBub to Boost Sales of Self-Published Books
“There’s little doubt about it, BookBub is the Holy Grail of ebook advertising. I have heard them talk about their huge successes in promoting romantic fiction and sci-fi, but I write literary fiction. Would it work for me?”

Nancy Lin on Kristen Lamb’s Blog
Hate the Editing Stage of Writing? Check Out These Helpful Tools
“Editing is a necessary part of writing, but not all writers are great editors. As a writer, I find it helpful to get a second opinion, because I’m not able to see every single error. And this isn’t just me.”

Gordon Long on Indies Unlimited
Voice-to-Text Dictation Software
“I’m looking for a tool an author can use to write a book without typing. I want to know how well a computer can understand people when they just talk to it. And the answer is, “not very well.””

Holly Brady on Holly Brady
A Little Secret about Book Discounts
“Most of the writers using self-publishing techniques to reach readers know something about discounting books. They know that if you want to make your book attractive to bookstores, you must 1) offer your book to bookstores at a discount of 30% and 55%; and 2) make sure your book is returnable, because bookstores won’t buy books that aren’t returnable.”

Too Good To Miss

Elizabeth S. Craig on Elizabeth Spann Craig
From Trad-Pub to Self-Pub–Tips and Observations
“This is the second time I’ve gotten the rights to my characters back from a publisher and taken a trad-published series to self-pub. The last time I did this was five years ago.”

Petrea Burchard on Petrea Burchard
Ingram Spark Global Print on Demand Agreement: my questions sort of answered.
“Ingram Spark is a division of Ingram Content Group, a subsidiary of Ingram Industries. Ingram Spark offers independent publishers like me an opportunity to get my books into bookstores globally, something Amazon can’t do. Many authors use both Ingram Spark and Amazon’s CreateSpace for print on demand, to cover all their bases. Without their service, many bookstores would not carry books from independent publishers.”

All the World’s a Book Fair (or Writer’s Conference) Calendar

Get Away to Write-Scotland: A Getaway for Poets and Writers (July 28–August 5)

Dundee, Scotland

If you’re looking for an artistic retreat and a vacation in Scotland, book this trip! Seems like an excuse to scribble and shop, with some morning workshop sessions.

Horror Writers Workshop (August 7-14)

Simon Village, Bran, Transylvania, Romania

I wonder if the people of Transylvania hate horror tourists. Maybe they murder them gruesomely. Regardless, this is a retreat workshop under the guidance of award-winning scaremeister Brian Evenson, in a hotel overlooking Dracula’s castle, natch.

Travel Writers & Photographers Conference (August 11–14)

Corte Madera, CA

Ever gone somewhere? Taken a photo? Then you’re well on your way to being a travel writer/photographer. This is the 25th anniversary of this conference. It features two contests: an essay for the writers, and a series of snapshots for the photographers, each with the theme “My Most Unforgettable Travel Encounter.”

Writer’s Digest Conference (August 12–14)

NY, New York

This conference is heavy on craft and business. The WDC boasts a triple shot of keynote speaker: bestselling authors Kwame Alexander, David Baldacci. and Emily St. John Mandel. Unfortunately, the pitch slams are all already sold out. Find a way to sneak yourself in?

Willamette Writers Conference (August 12–14)

Portland, Oregon

In direct competition time-wise, but closer for those of you on the West Coast, this conference promises learning opportunities from sixty different instructors and keynote addresses from speakers such as author and graphic novelist Chelsea Cain and author/screenwriter/songwriter John Shirley. There will also be pitch sessions to industry pros.

Writers at Woody Point (August 16–21)

Woody Point, Newfoundland, Canada

Sure, there will be plenty of published writers reading and talking, but there’s also plenty of live music. Ron Sexsmith kicks things off with performances the first two nights. The first annual Comedy at Woody Point festival is on the agenda, so funny stuff too. The festival features “Short Waves, Short Stories” in which a fiction is given a dramatic radio-play theatrical performance with musical accompaniment.

Historical Writers of America Conference (August 19–21)

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Writers of factual histories and historical fictions will meet their contemporaries in this quaint town in August. Get hungry for Libby O’Connell’s keynote: she is the author of The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites. It’s an edible history!

The Lost Art of Personal Writing (August 20–21)

The Grand Marais Art Colony, Minnesota

This looks to be another one of those personal retreats where you write on your own with some workshop sessions thrown in, for those of you who can’t make it to Scotland or Romania.

Beijing International Book Fair (August 24–28)

Beijing, China

Writers around the world make appearances at this massive fair. Among them: children’s book author Cao Wenxuan, who has an audience of millions in China; award winning meta-fictional trickster Enrique Vila-Matas of Spain; illustrator and film concept designer (worked on Lord of the Rings) Alan Lee; and novelist and philosopher Simon Van Booy, who has a cool name.


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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