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POSTED ON Dec 10, 2017

Shelley Sturgeon

Written by Shelley Sturgeon

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By Shelley Sturgeon

There is a definite chill in the air here in the Great White North (Canada) where I live. Our first snowfalls of the season are in the forecast and the wind is chilling to the bone. It’s perfect weather to sit by the fireplace and watch the magic of the falling snow through the window–and read.

I know our readers are far and wide and that the climate where you live may be extremely different, but hey,whether it’s warm or cold where you are, make sure to find time to read this week’s selection of articles.

Big Al on Indies Unlimited
Big Book Data for the Little Author Guy
“What the Ngram viewer does is take one or more words or phrases and evaluates how often those words were used in books over time, then shows you this on a graph.”

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris
Easy Blogging for Authors: 10 Tips for a Successful Author Blog
“I’ve made some spectacular blunders in my blogging career. But since we learn from our mistakes, I’ve got a boatload of information now.”

Lindsey Vontz on The Digital Reader
Top Trends in Book Cover Design Forecast for 2018
“A great book cover should feel current, on-trend, and push the envelope. But what does that mean in 2018? What are the hot, exciting trends we can expect in the new year?”

Orna Ross on Self Publishing Advice Center
Why Indie Authors Are Entrepreneurs
“What is an entrepreneur, a creative entrepreneur, an author-entrepreneur? Do all indie authors fall into this category? And what does it take to combine art and entrepreneurship, craft and commerce, into a successful author enterprise?”

Dan Wagstaff on The Casual Optimist
Notable Book Covers of 2017
“Since 2010, I’ve posted an annual survey of the year in book covers. The post has expanded and developed over the past 7 years, but essentially it is a collection of the covers published in the previous 12 months that I found interesting or noteworthy in some way.”

Self-Publishing News You Can Use

By Amy Collins

GoodReads eBook Giveaway is going to be available to Self-Published Authors Jan 2018

GoodReads is going to start offering two different give-away packages to US authors. The standard package costs $119 and allows KDP authors to give away up to 100 copies of their books to readers. This program was previously only available to traditionally published authors. The Premium Package at $599 includes the giveaway as well as an ad on the giveaway page and will allow the author to give away print books as well as eBooks.

GoodReads Giveaways has been in existence for just over nine years, but this is the first time it has been available to self-published authors.

To celebrate the new versions of the program, GoodReads is offering the packages at 50% off between Jan 9 – 31, 2018.

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Shelley Sturgeon

Written by
Shelley Sturgeon

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