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POSTED ON Apr 15, 2018

Shelley Sturgeon

Written by Shelley Sturgeon

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By Shelley Sturgeon

Whether you’ve done it before or you’re a newbie at self-publishing, there is much to know about self-publishing your books. The articles this week focus on what you need to know about starting your publishing business and publishing your first book, and how to build your platform and reach your audience. Enjoy!

Kristen Lamb on Kristen Lamb – Author, Blogger, Social Media Jedi
Platform: What IS It? Why Do Writers Need One?
“A platform offers major advantage when it comes to selling books. Before social media, non-fiction authors had an edge. These authors already had an existing audience by the time their books were ready for sale. … Novelists, conversely, found themselves relying on a lot of pure luck, prayer, and alignment of the stars.”

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s blog …with Ruth Harris
Publishing is a Business: 10 Tips to Protect your Creative Writer Self in the Marketplace
“The biggest obstacle many new writers face in making the leap from beginning writer to professional author is accepting that publishing is a business.”

Seth Godin on The Domino Project
The apples and oranges problem
“Figure out if you’re an apple or an orange. Are you an ex-President or a biographer, a one-hit wonder or a professional writer?”

Chris Syme on Smart Marketing for Authors
Book Marketing to Teens – Engaging the Elusive Generation Z
“In this episode, Chris and Becca interview book marketing expert Kate Tilton on how to reach the elusive teen market. Generation Z readers are those born after 1993.”

Frances Caballo on Social Media Just For Writers
5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Published My First Book
“Joel Friedlander of frequently tells me that when he talks to new authors about what they should do once they publish a book, he usually tells them something to the effect of, “You should have prepared for your first book two years ago.””

Self-Publishing News You Can Use

By Amy Collins

Independent Bookstore Day

April 28th is the fourth annual Independent Bookstore Day.

The last Saturday in April has become the annual celebration of independent bookstores across the US. Over 500 independent bookstores are participating (list of stores below) and are offering discounts, events, giveaways and show customers what a terrific resource indy bookstores are.

In addition, the IBD committee has created special give-away items. Among this year’s exclusive IBD items are Welcome to Night Vale vinyl recordings, signed prints from authors Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, literary tea towels with quotes from Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde, and packs of literary condoms featuring six “Give Me That Darcy” Jane Austen condoms and six “Great Expectations” condoms.

Links of Interest

Independent Bookstore Day
Bookstores participating in Independent Bookstore Day


Shelley Sturgeon

Written by
Shelley Sturgeon

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