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POSTED ON Apr 23, 2017

Shelley Sturgeon

Written by Shelley Sturgeon

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By Shelley Sturgeon

I hope the weather is as nice where you are, as it is where I am, and that you are able to find some time to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. But, don’t forget to check out this week’s selection of articles. And, be sure to check back here tomorrow to see our e-Book Cover Design Awards for March!

Nathan Bransford on Nathan Bransford Author
How to determine your price point when self-publishing
“One of the great things about self-publishing is that you have control over your price point. … Want to experiment? Want to drop the price for a promo? The self-publishing world is your oyster! And, like, the price is the pearl! Do you want to see how far I can go with this metaphor? No? Okay!”

Frances Caballo on Social Media Just For Writers
How to Get Attention for Your Book on Amazon
“Amy Collins is the President of New Shelves Books, one of the largest book sales and marketing content providers in the US. As a guest on my webinar series, Conversations with Frances, she wowed the audience with her knowledge of Amazon and how to get your books more visible.”

Kristen Lamb on Kristen Lamb
When is the Best Time to Start an Author Platform?
“I think we have reached a point in the new publishing paradigm that I no longer have to beg and plead and make jazz hands for writers to realize they need to build a social media platform if they ever hope to SELL their books.”

Tony Riches on The Writing Desk
Ten Top Twitter Tips for Authors #AuthorToolboxBlogHop
“For authors, Twitter is a relatively easy way to connect with readers around the world and share news of your work. Twitter can be fun and is also a useful way to keep pace with the rapidly developing world of online publishing and understand other authors.”

Judith Briles on The Book Shepherd
The ISBN Dilemma … Should Authors Buy Their Own?
“WOWSA! Such a deal … buy your ISBN for only ten bucks … who wants to pay $125? The real questions are: are they legit ISBNs? Or, are they knockoffs? Or, are they a re-sale? And if they are a resale, are they being sold by an approved resale outlet? Are they legit … or are they fake? What’s an author to do?”

Self-Publishing News You Can Use

By Amy Collins

BookCon 2017

April 28th is the deadline for registering online for BookCon 2017. Tickets bought online before April 28th receive heavily discounted prices. BookCon 2017 recently announced their speakers and presenters for June 3 & 4 panels.

BookCon is an immersive experience that features interactive, forward thinking content such as: Panels and Q&As with the hottest authors, celebrities and content creators as well as opportunities to meet their favorite authors and get autographs.

Some of the authors slated to appear are Margaret Atwood, Dan Brown, Mayim Bialik, Jeff Kinney, Bill Nye, and many others. This event at the Javitz Center in NYC is sponsored by IngramSpark and ReedExpo.

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Shelley Sturgeon

Written by
Shelley Sturgeon

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