This Week in the Blogs, October 17 – 23, 2010

POSTED ON Oct 24, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Lots of things started to change this week, both inside and outside. I’m bundled up and looking for my hat, fog has rolled in, and the dogs won’t budge from the hot air vents near the floor.

This week we learned about online promotion, selling to the iBookstore, making the e-transition, a lesson in writing, and a meditation on reading and the changes in our culture. Enjoy your Sunday.

Jane Friedman on Writer Unboxed
The No. 1 Component of an Effective Online Marketing and Promotion Strategy
“I recommend every writer have a website, even before they have a book deal or a specific project to promote. You want to have a hub ready—a place for people to find out more, or sign up, or become a follower.”

Shane Ketterman on Copyblogger
How to Publish Your Book in the iBookstore
“Getting your book into the iBookstore can be a low-cost and profitable route that exposes your work to entirely new markets. But getting a book approved by Apple isn’t a simple process.”

J. Daniel Sawyer on The Creative Penn
Creative Destruction, or How to Survive the Ebook Apocalypse
“Based on these lessons, I developed an experimental business model, and that model has spawned a number of experiments. I’m currently engaged in conducting the first one.”

George Angus on Tumblemoose
Putting the Writing Cart Before the Horse
“Here is a key piece of advice: Work the craft. Become a craftsman. Know the ins and outs of good writing. Study grammar and style. Above all else, practice.”

Jacob Lambert on The Millions
The Paper-Reader’s Dilemma
“But the decision is not truly ours. Time and again, these choices are made for us, by a collective sweep and push. One day, everyone holds an iPod, and the next day, so do you. ”

The Carnival of the Indies

Response to the first announcement of the Carnival has been strong. We’ve received over 30 submissions and I’ll be going through them over the coming week.

Next week this space will be taken by the Carnival of the Indies inaugural issue. See you then!

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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