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POSTED ON Oct 17, 2010

Joel Friedlander

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We’re deep into fall and I’ve been experiencing frosty evening in the Pacific Northwest this week. I’ve got a fun blog from Hamish MacDonald from the Scottish Poetry Library’s annual small press fair, Zoe Winters’ take on PubIt formatting, Patricia Benash on traditional vs self-publishing, and Cheryl Anne Gardner and Penny Sansevieri too. Enjoy your Sunday!

Hamish MacDonald on HameBlog
Scenes from a Book Fair
“If there was a single thing that distinguished my display from the other tables — if I’m allowed to say this — it would be that they were selling a finished product, but I was selling a possibility, along with products that are an expression of that possibility. It’s much more open-ended, less of an ask than an offering.”
(Ed: I missed Hamish’s blog last week, so I stretched the rules to put it in this week. I know you will enjoy it!)

Zoe Winters on Indie Reader Blog
Quick and Dirty Guide to Formatting for PubIt
“Ebook formatting can be one of the most frustrating and tedious parts of putting your digital book up for sale . . . PubIt does take Word files, so technically you can go about it that way, . . . and you do risk something being lost in the B&N conversion process. So I’m going to share the cheat sheet.”

Patricia Benash on Self-Publishing Review
Traditional Publishing Versus Self-Publishing – 7 Critical Points to Consider
“As a writer, you probably are confused as to whether to try to get your book published traditionally by a commercial publisher or to self-publish . . . To make your decision a bit easier, consider your goals and expectations-and the following seven points.”

Cheryl Anne Gardner on POD People
The Podpeople Invite You to the Goodreads Indie Page 99 Group
“I have never been a first page “hook” person. The real writing is in the middle of a book. I’ve always believed that, so in the coming weeks The Podpeople will be featuring the page 99 of submitted Indie titles.”

Penny Sansevieri on Selling Books
12 Ways to Create a Mailing List that Will Sell Books
“The idea behind a good newsletter is one that not only brings your readers in, but keeps them interested. It’s the marketing funnel we marketing people love to talk about so much.”

Carnival of the Indies Deadline Coming Next Week

We’ve been getting terrific submissions for the first issue of the Carnival of the Indies. We’ll publish the first issue of the new blog carnival in two weeks in this spot where most Sundays see the publication of This Week in the Blogs.

There’s still time to submit an article if you blog about writing, publishing, selling books. In case you missed it you can find all the links and info you need by starting at the announcement post for Carnival of the Indies.

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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