This Week in the Blogs, May 2 – 8, 2010

POSTED ON May 9, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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While iPad sales went over a million units, author blogs, book marketing, indie publishing and sending up the traditional publishers all stimulated bloggers this week. The weather’s changing, it’s spring in full force. In Tennessee they’re still trying to dry off, and everybody’s hoping someone knows how to turn the big underwater oil pump off. This is a day of rest but that doesn’t mean you can’t read. Enjoy!

Edward Nawotka on Publishing Perspectives
“Connect, Don’t Network”: Author Blog Award Winners Gaiman, Benet on Blogging
“You might think at this point in the history of the Web, even discussing whether or not authors should blog is beyond the point. With some 100 million blogs, micro blogs and forums online, isn’t every author and publisher already active online, blogging and tweeting? No.”

Penny Sansevieri on Huffington Post
Brown M&Ms, or What Van Halen Can Teach You About Book Marketing
“Setting up systems so you can be alerted to problems before they arise is always smart and will save you not only time, but valuable marketing dollars as well.”

Zoe Winters on The Weblog of Zoe Winters
Why Indie Authorship is Viable
“Why exactly… in the world of the Internet, where mainstream publishers don’t truly market most of their list, with digital books growing exponentially and the publishing industry seriously in trouble… why is trad publishing viable for anyone who isn’t already a brand name?”

Christy Pinheiro on The Publishing Maven
10 reasons why big publishers deserve to fail
“It’s a nice feeling–the feeling of success. There’s no reason why every single author out there can’t follow a business model for successful self-publishing. Any writer can do the same thing that I did.”

Jess Hartley on MLV Writes
Guest Post: Three Reasons To Self Publish (And A Big One Not To!)
“Your greatest chances for success with a self-publishing project come when you are realistic about the challenges and opportunities that self-producing your work brings with it.”

And for Something a Little Different . . .

Awkward Family Photos
“Realizing there were probably plenty of other people out there with their own awkward family images, the two friends decided to create a friendly place where everyone could come together and share their uncomfortable family moments.”

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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