This Week in the Blogs, March 29 – April 6, 2014

by | Apr 6, 2014

Rains here in northern California are pushing spring into action everywhere. There’s a sense of renewal and awakening in the natural world that’s pretty irresistible. I think you’ll find this week’s articles irresistible, too. Today’s a great day to catch up, so dive right in.

Sabrina Ricci on Digital Pubbing
Indie Authors: Designing Books and Choosing Fonts
“Indie authors are sometimes called authorpreneurs, because they have to act like entrepreneurs and make all the decisions about their books. This includes how to design books. And one of the most important design elements is typography.”

Jim Devitt on Indies Unlimited
Is Google+ Where You Should Be?
“It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about Google+. As Facebook loses the interest of many users, Google+ appears to keep growing. For me, the visibility value of time spent on Google+ is far better than the same keystrokes or time on Facebook. From a pure business perspective, you might find that Google+ is the place to be.”

Karin Abarbanel on Where Writers Win
Building Grassroots Support for Authors: 10 Steps
“Bloom where you are planted: this old adage can be the key to a very fruitful marketing strategy. As writers, garnering community support for our work can help create valuable buzz and begin to build a solid, loyal audience base.”

Lindsay Buroker on Lindsay Buroker
How to Get Your Book into More Categories on Amazon with Keywords
“If you’ve published any ebooks through Amazon’s KDP dashboard, you know they allow you to select two categories (i.e. Fantasy/Epic or Science Fiction/Steampunk) for your work, and then they have a box where you can type in seven keywords, though they don’t really say if those keywords can be used to help you show up in the search results or what the deal is. They’re just… there.”

Nina Amir on How to Blog a Book
Blog a Short Book During National Book Blogging Month
“April is National Book Blogging Month (NaBoBloMo), the time when I challenge writers, authors, bloggers, and book bloggers to start and finish blogging a short book in 30 days.”


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  1. Bobby Baker

    Hi Joel,
    When it comes to the barcodes which i heard one must purchase for your paperback book or e-book.
    What sort of non rip off prices woulf one pay for each of the above?.
    Who do I go to being in Australia.
    Can I purchase say from where you guys buy them.
    Ans Copyright. What is the go with this.Will say an Australian copywrite be protective in the USA.
    What is the best and honest POD in Australia?.
    Thanks Joel.
    Bob Baker.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Bobby, you only need a barcode for a print book that will be sold retail, you don’t need one for an ebook. Designers often supply barcodes as part of their service, and if you want to buy one yourself, I don’t think you would need to pay more than US$10. For more info check here: Bar Code Graphics.

      For your questions about Australian suppliers and copyright, you’ll need to find someone who is knowledgable about Australian book publishing, my blog applies primarily to the U.S.


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