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POSTED ON Jun 16, 2013

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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We’re celebrating fathers today, and speaking personally, I think that’s a really good idea. You won’t find any Father’s Day blog posts here, but you will find some amazing writing on subjects ranging from an incredible reader site you haven’t heard of to the whole future of self-publishing. Dive in, the water’s fine, and don’t forget to thank your old man today—he deserves it.

Kimberley Grabas on Molly Greene: Writer
Authors + Content + Readers = Wattpad
“Over 10 million readers visit Wattpad every month, spending over 2 billion minutes reading, voting, sharing and commenting on their favourite stories. Writers sharing their work on Wattpad have the ability to connect and engage with these readers, testing new projects, soliciting feedback and expanding their promotional reach.”

Zachary Bonelli on Lindsay Buroker
Monetizing Serialized Fiction
“One of the most liberating moments in my career as a writer was the moment I realized Voyage was not a traditional novel, but in fact a serial. I was finally able to give myself permission to tell the story in the way I wanted to tell it, unrestricted by the conventions of novels, which were holding my story back.”

Catherine Ryan Howard on Catherine, Caffeinated
How Self-Published Books Are Made: Start To Finish
“I should say: this isn’t how I did it (certainly not the first time!), but it’s how I’d do it now were I to get the chance to do it over. It’s how I’d do it now knowing everything I learned through trial and error over the last few years.”

Stephanie Chandler on Authority Publishing
How to Write a Dazzling Author Bio
“It can be difficult to write your bio and toot your own horn, but it’s an essential part of your marketing collateral. If you need help, ask others to review your work and give you feedback, or hire a great copywriter to help you get a foundation.”

Suw Charman-Anderson on Forbes
The Future of Self-Publishing
“There is a steep learning curve to self-publishing, and it’s one that not every author wants to, or is able to climb. If you have a traditional publishing deal and you’re happy with it, why would you want to take on all that extra work?”


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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