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POSTED ON Feb 7, 2016

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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So will you be watching the big game today or maybe just tune in for the halftime show? A great selection of articles for your perusal this week so if you’re not a football fan or can find some time before or after the game, check them out. I think you’ll be glad that you did.

Sandra Beckwith on Build Book Buzz
Free will only take you so far
“When I need to learn how to do something like write a better blog post headline, sure, I Google it to see what I can find. … When I want to learn how to do something bigger — something that has several steps or that will have a significant impact on my business — I look online to see who’s saying what about it and how they’re saying it. When I find someone who I think understands my problems and limitations and who seems to know what they’re talking about, I buy their course, order their book, or register for their webinar.”

Hugh Howey on The Wayfinder
The State of the Industry
“Over the last ten to fifteen years, the publishing industry has undergone a massive shift from print to digital and from the east coast to the west coast. Understanding this shift is critical for anyone working in the field or who wishes to.”

Jay Swanson on Jane Friedman
5 Steps to Creating a Great Audiobook
“Setting yourself up for success with audio will rely heavily on you, which is scary, I know. Don’t worry—we’ll get through this. If you can get your ducks lined up properly now, you’ll find it flows later on.”

Kimberley Grabas on Your Writer Platform
Your Author Business Plan: A Framework for the Creative Entrepreneur
“You’ve been struggling valiantly through most of the non-writing, left-brained activities that have been thrust upon you as a modern writer–do you really need to go through the formality of crafting your “executive summary”, “sales forecasts” and “market analysis”?”

Dan Blank on We Grow Media
Five steps to social media bliss
“Again and again I hear from people that they struggle with social media. Two challenges always come up. Tell me if you resonate with these…”

Too Good to Miss

Michael Kozlowski on Good E Reader
What authors need to know about the new Kindle warning system
“Amazon has announced that they will be publicly warning users if an e-book has spelling mistakes or formatting errors. This is meant to protect the average reader so they don’t make an impulse purchase and regret it. Thousands of authors are asking a ton of questions about this new warning system and today we will answer the most common issues.”

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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