This Week in the Blogs, January 16 – 22, 2016

POSTED ON Jan 24, 2016

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Like the picture? Thought maybe it could help to distract those of you in the throes of winter. But, don’t get too distracted to read these great articles on self-publishing and developing your author platform. Just picture yourself stretched out on a warm tropical beach with a cool drink in your hand as you read.

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s Blog …with Ruth Harris
Writers: How to Succeed at “Building Platform” Without Really Trying”
“When should you think about your platform? … Definitely as soon as you’re ready to send out a story or submit a manuscript to an agent. I’m not saying you’ll automatically get rejected if you have no platform, but editors and agents will Google you, and if they can’t find you on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page) they may send an automatic rejection. Not all agents and editors are that harsh, but I’ve heard from many who are.”

David Penny on How-to For Authors
Facebook Ads: One Author’s Experience
“There’s a saying only 50% of marketing works—but nobody knows which 50%. Having spent many years in business I can vouch for this—even to the extent of experiencing the entire 50% that doesn’t work!”

Lynne Cantwell on Indies Unlimited
Goodbye Shelfari, Hello Goodreads
“When I went to my Shelfari landing page last week to update the widget I use on my blog, I saw an ominous notice: Shelfari is shutting down.”

Frances Caballo on Social Media Just For Writers
How to Set Up Your Goodreads Author Dashboard
“You are about to enter a world of avid book readers. Share your love for the written word by following the steps below.”

Scott Bilker on Bookbaby Blog
My Parents’ Experience with Traditional Publishing Led Me to Self-Publishing
“My parents were prolific writers, published numerous books and articles, and were leaders in the science fiction community of the 1970s and ’80s. I’m sure they would have gone the self publishing route if it had been an option.”

Too Good to Miss

C.S. Lakin on Jane Friedman
How Writers Can Optimize Their Book’s Description on Amazon
“If you’re an author, you may not like thinking about your published books as products, but that’s what they are. And the description section on your book’s product page is the most important selling tool you have.”


Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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