This Week in the Blogs, December 5 – 11, 2015

POSTED ON Dec 13, 2015

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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It’s such a busy time of year for many of us, but if you can manage to find a few minutes to read this week’s selection of articles, I think you’ll be glad that you did. Lots of great tips and advice from some of the best self-publishing blogs online. Enjoy!

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s Blog …with Ruth Harris
5 Scams That Target New Writers And How To Spot Them
“”Because we have a high-profile blog, a lot of people contact us because they want us to promote their services to our readers, usually through contests or deals. … Sometimes these services are great, so I always try to make time to check them out. But often they aren’t.”

Nina Amir on How to Blog a Book
How to Protect Your Blog from Hackers
“I had just told a group of students not to worry so much about their sites getting hacked. It had never happened to me in all the years I’d been blogging and using, and I’d been a blogger a long time. And then, BAM! One of my sites got hacked. And then another got hacked…and another…all in one week!”

Orna Ross on How-to For Authors
Opinion: Every Author Should Self-Publish (At Least Once)
“It is no secret that the wind of change is blowing through the publishing industry. Opinion about this change — what it means for publishing, or literature, or readers — is a poor guide to what is best for us, as authors. There are so many myths and misconceptions swirling around this topic, and each self-publishing experience is so unique, that the only way to know what self-publishing “means” for you is to try it and see.”

Dan Blank on WeGrowMedia
My social media mid-life crisis
“Today, I want to give an update on my thoughts on social media, especially on the aspect of managing it on an emotional level, day in and day out.”

Lynne Cantwell on Indies Unlimited
Blogging with Facebook “Notes” to Improve Visibility
“For the past couple of months, I’ve been conducting a little experiment with Facebook’s Notes feature, and I’m ready to declare it something of a success.”

Too Good To Miss

Dan Wagstaff on The Casual Optimist
Notable Book Covers for 2015
“Back in 2014, there were signs that book cover design was maybe, just maybe, having a moment. Suzanne Dean was on the BBC. Peter Mendelsund was on… well, everything. But if 2015 has felt a little quiet by comparison, there were still plenty of reasons to be cheerful. This year’s list includes over 120 covers by 60 designers, and there is little doubt in my mind that this really is a golden time for book design.”



Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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