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POSTED ON Dec 12, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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It’s definitely brisk, and the parking lots at all the malls are full to the edges. Holiday parties are going in earnest, but here at the Book Designer we’re learning about ebooks, iPad apps, ISBNs, subsidy publishers, and the new model of publishing success. Enjoy!

Mark Coker on Huffington Post
Indie Ebook Author Brian Pratt Earns $25,000 in Three Months
” Indie authorship is here to stay and the traditional publishing houses better get used to it. They also better not discount the effectiveness of its appeal or they’re going to regret it.”

Shane Ketterman on Copyblogger
8 iPad Apps for Brilliant Writing
“More and more people are using mobile devices to create content — and thankfully, there are a slew of new apps that make it incredibly easy to write on the go.”

Mark Barrett on Ditchwalk
The ISBN Ownership Question
“The question, then, is not whether to use an ISBN because use is compelled. For me, and for many people publishing through services like CreateSpace, the question is whether to buy ISBN’s directly from Bowker or to use ISBN’s provided by the print-on-demand manufacturer.”

Sue Collier on Self-Publishing Resources
Author Solutions is NOT indie publishing, folks.
“I want authors to know that self-publishing (aka indie publishing) means obtaining your own ISBN, starting your own imprint, and publishing your own book — independent of a publisher for hire.”

J.A. Konrath on A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
The Bestseller Shift
“These days, authors can grow themselves. By writing good books with good covers, and pricing them low, readers can discover them. No widespread distribution, advertising, coop, brand recognition, or famous name needed. In the future, the bestseller lists won’t be dominated by name authors. They’ll be dominated by good books.”

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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