This Week in the Blogs, December 12 – 18, 2015

POSTED ON Dec 20, 2015

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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So are you making your lists and checking them twice when it comes to self-publishing and marketing your books? Be sure to check out this week’s selection of articles for some great tips and information that might just help you with that.

Helen Sedwick on Helen Sedwick
Audio Book Options for Indie Authors
“The audio book market is growing faster than any other format. People are listening to books while they drive, exercise, or simply relax. Listeners don’t have to stop when they switch devices, since Kindle’s Whispersync enables them to move between audio and ebooks without losing their place.”

Lindsay Buroker on Lindsay Buroker
How to Increase Sales at Apple iBooks
“The good news for authors is that in addition to all this sales potential, Apple seems to be making more of an effort these days to promote and sell their iBooks. Beyond adding the iBooks reader to their OS, they’ve been reaching out to more indies and running themed promotions in the various genres.”

Dan Wagstaff on The Casual Optimist
52 YA Covers for 2015
“As my 2014 post was such a hit, here is my second annual look at the past year’s young adult book covers. This isn’t my speciality, so this list is a lot more of a crowd-sourced effort than my very personal adult list.”

Martha Conway on Social Media Just For Writers
Attaining Success as an Indie Author with BookBub
“I vividly remember the day I first read the name BookBub: I was in a hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. As I sat in the lobby, waiting for my room, I scrolled through my mail and found a newsletter from a writer I admired, who was chronicling her journey in self-publishing.”

Sandra Beckwith on Build Book Buzz
Put your fictional characters on social media
“It’s an effective strategy for novelists, but big brands are in on the fun, too. Elmo, Superman, Mr. Peanut, and even Barbie all have their own accounts on networks that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. – See more at:”

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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