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POSTED ON Jun 14, 2012

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Well, it’s been a long time coming. Blog readers have been asking questions, thousands of them, about self-publishing since I started blogging here in 2009.

As the blog matured, I’ve made use of some great training resources that have completely changed the way I do business and the business that I do.

The ability to deliver great instruction in multiple formats in an on-demand schedule is an educational dream come true. Now we can do it for almost any subject.

That’s why I’ve been working for the last year to bring this kind of training to authors who want to realize their publishing dreams, to become published authors and go out and find an audience for their writing.

It’s enabled me to offer you The Self-Publishing Roadmap, an online video-based training program with:

  • Video lessons just like in a classroom, only better.
  • Audio version of those lessons, for portability.
  • Text transcripts of the lessons, so you can search them.
  • Checklists for key processes to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Worksheets so you can just “plug and play” with your own book info.
  • Tutorials on subjects you’ll want to know about.
  • A step-by-step approach to getting your book published.
  • A separate mini-course on book design, looking “over my shoulder.”
  • Marketing mastermind interviews with lots of top book marketing experts.
  • Book templates for getting a pro-look even without a pro book designer.
  • 6 hours of live, teleconference question and answer sessions.
  • And a couple of other bonuses inside the program.

That’s the kind of practical training that can really streamline your transition from writer to author to publisher to marketer.

We’re All Authors

In some ways the online life makes authors of us all. Whether we’re writing status updates, blog posts, articles, newsletters, flash fiction, podcast scripts, you name it, we’re all writing somehow.

So the advent of print on demand and ebook publishing was perfectly suited to the authors who had been longing to be free of the “gatekeeper” system, and who want to rely on readers, not on authorities, to determine if their work had merit.

But there are still good ways to publish and bad ways.

  • Bad ways include the client who I found about in an email who had spent over $13,000 with a subsidy publisher and still didn’t have a book.
  • Good ways include people like Larry Jacobson, who invested in a really top-quality book which is now winning awards almost every week, and which is propelling him on his dream of becoming a motivational speaker.

Big difference, don’t you think?

The Roadmap Alternative

But like all designers, consultants, book doctors, book shepherds, and other publishing pros, I can only work with a few clients at a time. The Self-Publishing Roadmap is my attempt to bring the training you need within your reach.

There’s nothing else like it anywhere.

See the Registration Page for a full description, and my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s a link: The Self-Publishing Roadmap Registration

Go check it out and see what I’ve been working on this past year. I think you’ll like it.

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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