The Book Patch Review—Is The Book Patch Truly Legit?

POSTED ON Mar 29, 2022

Sarah Rexford

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Are you looking to print books with The Book Patch? We did The Book Patch review to save you time.

Although the digital revolution allows people to enjoy eBooks and audiobooks at the touch of a button, there will always be a place for print books in the world. There’s something special about holding a book in your hands or giving one as a gift for a loved one to enjoy.

But if you don’t have the power of a traditional publisher behind you, choosing a print-on-demand service like The Book Patch is a great way to get physical copies of your book.

Before you decide to make The Book Patch your print-on-demand service provider, read on! In The Book Patch review, we’ll explore everything you need to know, like what the company offers and how much their services cost.

What is The Book Patch?

Let’s start with the basics for The Book Patch review.

The Book Patch is a print-on-demand company that also has an online store allowing indie authors to retail print and digital copies of their work.

The Book Patch store is a great example of the print-on-demand model. There is no need for either the author or the retailer to store book inventory. Instead, every time a buyer pushes the purchase button and decides a book is right for them, The Book Patch prints up a fresh copy and ships it out.

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Where is The Book Patch Located?

The Book Patch is based in Scottsdale Arizona and has been operating for over a decade.

The Book Patch—Book Printing Options

It’s time to explore the services on offer at The Book Patch, how much they cost, and how they can help you as an author. We’ll start by exploring the options you have for getting print copies of your book.

The Book Patch Review: Pricing Tiers

In addition to the print-on-demand retail capabilities found at The Book Patch, you also have the option to print up a batch of your books. The price per book depends on the quantity you wish to order.

So how much do books cost to print with The Book Patch?

  • 1-49. $3.10 per copy, in addition to shipping and handling.
  • 50-99. $2.79 per copy, in addition to shipping and handling.
  • 100-249. $2.63 per copy, in addition to shipping and handling.
  • 250-499. $2.48 per copy, in addition to shipping and handling.
  • 500-999. $2.33 per copy, in addition to shipping and handling.
  • 1000. $2.17 per copy, in addition to shipping and handling.


You can choose from one of two options when you order print copies of your book from The Book Patch:

Perfect bound. A typical paperback copy of your book that will look great on the shelf or desk of any book lover.

Spiral bound. The best choice for a diary, workbook, or any other book that will be laid flat and written in. Perfect bound books are not suitable for this type of use as the pressure will destroy the book spine.

Color Options

Depending on the type of book you are writing, you might need to print images in vibrant color, or a more straightforward, black and white interior might suffice.

When you decide to print a book with The Book Patch, you have two choices of color print.

  1. Black and white interior with color cover.
  2. Full-color interior with color cover.

Make sure you select the full-color interior option if you are including images or photos in your work that won’t be clear or look as good as they could in black and white.

Page counts

Sometimes, authors are worried that print-on-demand services won’t be right for them if they have a very short book or one which is longer than average.

If you want to write a short, punchy read, or release an epic long novel, The Book Patch has got you covered.

At this time, you can order copies of books containing between 24 and 700 pages.

The Book Patch Bookstore

While their book printing services will be the main attraction of The Book Patch for most authors, it’s also worth exploring if their bookstore is a good option for your title.

The Book Patch bookstore retails eBooks and print copies. You have the option of selling your book in print only or also offering an eBook version. It’s not possible to sell an eBook without a print book at The Book Patch.

How Much Can I Sell My Book for at The Book Patch?

One of the main attractions of The Book Patch for a lot of authors is the flexibility on offer.

When you list your eBook with the service, you can select any price of $1 or higher. For each copy sold, The Book Patch takes a flat rate of $1 rather than a percentage.

When Does The Book Patch Pay Royalties?

The Book Patch pays royalties on the 15th of each month if you have accumulated a balance of at least $40 for a single book title. Royalties are paid on a per book rather than per author basis. Your royalties are mailed out in the form of a profit check.

The Book Patch ISBN Services

Although it’s not necessary to have an ISBN to offer your book via The Book Patch, authors do have the option of using one.

If you need an ISBN to go with your Book Patch book, here’s what you need to know.

  • The Book Patch can sell you an ISBN for your book.
  • You can use an existing ISBN 13 you’ve purchased from anywhere else with your Book Patch book.
  • ISBN 10 numbers are not compatible with The Book Patch.

Before you buy an ISBN through The Book Patch, check out pricing to see how it compares with other ISBN retail services.

The Book Patch Customer Service

Are you worried about using either the print on demand or bookstore services of The Book Patch but being unable to get in touch with them if something goes wrong?

The Book Patch offers customer service through multiple channels. You can reach out to them via:

  • Email.
  • Callback request.
  • Reading up on their comprehensive FAQ section.
  • Watching their library of video tutorials.

Should I use The Book Patch?

To decide whether The Book Patch is right for you, take the time to explore these three questions:

1. Does The Book Patch offer the full range of services I need, or should I look elsewhere?
2. Is The Book Patch the best value for money, or can I get a better deal from another service provider
3. Can The Book Patch fulfill within the timescale I need?

Take the time to do your homework and decide whether The Book Patch is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Sarah Rexford

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Sarah Rexford

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