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New Book Design Tools 2023

by | Aug 23, 2023

If you have been on the hunt for new book design tools 2023, we are putting together some options for you to check out.

Some of them are the same trusted tools that most of us have known about before, but they have new additional parts of their offering, app, or service for you to check out.

Most of them are centered around artificial intelligence (AI), and even though that technology has been around for quite some time, we have seen an explosion of options for writers and authors.

We will be going over the basics of some of the tools options while then diving into specific tools and covering some various ways you could use them in your own book publishing journey.

Why Use New Book Writing Tools?

There are so many software options out there that can help authors write, edit, and publish their books.

Now, if you have some tools that you love and help you get things done, keep using them! There is no point in switching tools just because it’s the “new” thing to do.

Always, always just do what works for you.

However, if you are stuck in a rut and your usual tools do not seem to be doing the job anymore, it might be worth trying out some new tools to see if they can help you get your book finished.

Influence of AI

With all of that being said, we cannot ignore how much of an impact artificial intelligence (AI) has on the publishing industry over the past year.

AI is something that will also continue to grow and expand with time, so it is something you should become familiar with.

Now, do not think that means you need to write your entire book only using AI. Most writers love the writing part, so you do not want to skip that.

However, AI can help you with every other way you could put your book together from designing a book cover to finding keywords to include in your Amazon description.

The point is that you can outsource things you do not enjoy doing when it comes to book publishing to AI.

Most of the tools below are going to be based around AI tools, because it is one of the biggest changes to the industry lately.

New Book Design Tools 2023

Let’s take a look at some new and upcoming options authors should be aware of on their publishing journey. As mentioned, most of them will center around AI, but scroll through to see if there is one that grabs your attention the most.

#1 – Midjourney

While AI tools have been on the rise for years, this year Midjourney really took off as a tool that people can use to create unique and stunning images.

If you were wondering about using the images for copyright, as of the time of writing this article the US Copyright Office declared that AI-created images cannot be copyrighted. That may or may not change how you choose (or choose to not) use these type of images.

You might not choose to use any of the art on your cover or inside of your book, but it can help you imagine various ideas based on your genre and plot for ones you could create.

Take the time to think about how you could even use AI images to help you bring a character to life to visually see them or a world you are creating, without even having to publish it in your book.

For example, you could create an entire mood board as inspiration to constantly refer to as you write your book.

#2 – ChatGPT

While we are not saying you should use ChatGPT to write your entire book (although some people are using it for that intended purpose), what you could do is use it to help guide you when you have roadblocks.

If you are stuck at the beginning stages of your writing journey, you could also use ChatGPT to help you brainstorm, come up with ideas, or pull a list of the hottest topics in your genre.

It could even pull up name ideas for your characters if you can’t think of one.

Another creative idea is to use it to compare your book plot against what it would come up with when it comes to your storyline. It might help you spark creativity, think of new angles, or see if you can “outsmart the robots” with your own unique plot.

For even the small support that authors need, you could use to to help you summarize your book, come up with a marketing plan, write the sales copy for your book, or even help you brainstorm a title idea. The uses are endless!

#3 – Grammarly

If you are a writer at all, you have most likely heard of Grammarly. Yes, it will help you check your grammar and improve it, but in 2023 it started to integrate AI into its overall offering.

Now, you can improve your writing with Grammarly using AI to help you rewrite some parts that do not flow well.

You can keep track of their various and ongoing updates because they are constantly on top of releasing new and innovative updates to make writing easier and more fun.

It is one of the few softwares out there that is constantly expanding and adding features, so it is worth keeping up to date on.

#4 – QuillBot

Quillbot is an AI paraphrasing tool. It can also do more than just that, but one of its newer features is that it uses AI in order to rewrite text.

It is easy to use too, since you can just copy and paste your writing or upload a document in order to have it analyzed.

If you are stuck with your writing or not sure how you could mix up what you are trying to say, using a tool like this to help automate it can help a lot.

#5 – Speechnotes

If you are someone who likes to verbally record your ideas but you want the transcription available right away, Speechnotes is a great tool to make that possible.

It will take notes of your voice (for free!) and automatically transcribe the recordings on the spot. You can transcribe audio or video, which is great for authors who like to translate their ideas to the written word.

Using transcription tools can help you finish chapters, put together more ideas, or just use it simply to brainstorm parts of your book.

Sometimes it can be hard to just brainstorm on paper, so being able to use audio or video can help you bring your ideas to life.

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