11 Cozy Mystery Book Covers for Comforting Inspiration

POSTED ON Oct 9, 2023

Sarah Rexford

Written by Sarah Rexford

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Welcome to the inviting world of cozy mystery book covers, where the art of intrigue meets the comfort of familiarity. For avid readers and aspiring authors, the allure of cozy mysteries lies not only within their pages but also in the captivating visuals that adorn their covers.

Cozy mysteries, a beloved sub-genre of crime fiction, have etched their place in the hearts of readers seeking charming tales of whodunits, amateur sleuths, and quaint settings. In this article, we delve into the fascinating realm of these books and their covers, exploring how these artistic designs encapsulate the essence of this beloved genre while beckoning readers into a cozy and enigmatic world of crime-solving adventures.

Join us as we unravel the secrets behind these charming cozy mystery book covers that grace the shelves of mystery enthusiasts and beckon readers to curl up with a captivating tale.

1. Fall For Murder by Kathleen Suzette

With fall comes murder, even for newly marrieds. Allie and Alec are swept into a murder mystery when Allie finds the body of a local businesswoman. To prove her innocence to the police chief, she and her husband find the real murderer. A pastel cover including almost every fall color, soft pinks contrast the sharp edges of fall leaves and a background of housing. This design is perfect for a cozy mystery book covers

2. A Very English Murder by Lady Eleanor Swift

This mystery takes place in England, 1920. Protagonist Eleanor Swift is not just a distinguished adventurer or a dog person, but also a detective. Dignified and resourceful all in one, she’s traveled the world and has the stories to prove it. However, her adventures take a sinister turn when she watches a man’s murder. Witty dialogue will carry you to the end of this murder mystery! 

A navy cover offsets the soft pink of design and delicate yellow of Swift’s dress. A pop of red hair adds a spark of color and of course, since Swift is a dog lover they had to include a cute pup on the cover as well. 

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3. A Spoonful of Murder by J. M. Hall

We often view schoolteachers as hard working, up before dawn to teach and grading after dark. This mindset is often true. However, in this murder mystery, three schoolteachers become involved in a murder.

Grab a cup of tea with a spoonful of sugar, and open this delightful, sky-blue cover to read the mystery for yourself. A red teacup decorates the bottom half, complete with a black cat and the steam of a freshly brewed cup. 

4. A Bookshop Murder by Flora Steele

If you dare to enter this murder mystery, you’ll start in Sussex, 1955. Flora Steele owns a bookshop, but when she opens one normal morning she finds a dead body. With her bookshop’s reputation on the line and another person falling victim to a murder, she joins forces with an attractive crime writer to solve the mystery.  

Have you ever watched a dark blue sky turn black, yet somehow cast golden sunlight over the neighborhood and street? You can almost taste the tingle of fear in the air, and this is exactly the feeling this book cover design gives you. You’ll struggle not to open to the first page after seeing it! 

5. The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman

Even a cold case deserves to be properly closed. The Thursday Murder Club finds themselves involved in a local news legend and a murder. However, there is no body and with no body there are just as many answers. Join this case and journey from a spa to a prison cell, drinking luxury espresso with the protagonist. 

Outlined in green, covered in off white, and jazzed up with touch of bold red, this cover is loud and unashamed. Start reading and see if you can keep up with the Thursday Murder Club on the red hot case.

6. The Crime That Binds by Laurie Cass

Chilson is a small town in northern Michigan. Minnie and Eddie spot loyal bookmobile patron Ryan Anderson engaging in strange behavior, and this sighting leads them to discover he’s accused of both a bank robbery and a murder. Eager to help their loyal patron, Minnie and Eddie make it personal and decide to try to prove his innocence.

Complete with a book table, a cat, clear blue skies, and a colorful food truck, this cover invites you into a busy story with books as an honorary protagonist. 

7. The Plot And The Pendulum by Jenn McKinlay

Lindsey Norris makes a great discovery: A secret passage through a bookcase. In the same moment, she makes a shocking find: A skeleton holding an old copy of The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe. When she also finds there is an unsolved missing person’s case from 1989, she decides to do her best to crack the case.

Merely looking at this book cover will set you on edge. The book cover design is on a book cover within the book cover, and if that’s not disorienting another, it’s designed at an angle. Ready for an exciting read? Start with the curiosity of this book’s cover and go from there!

8. A Deadly Inside Scoop by Abby Collette

Bronwyn Crewse takes over her family’s ice cream shop in Ohio, but on opening day, she discovers a dead body in the snow. When her father is implicated in the death, Bronwyn does her best to handle her new business endeavors and solving the crime.

At first glance, this Barbie pink cover with an ice cream cone and sprinkles looks like a light read. Look again. The sprinkles are designed in the shape of an angry face, the author’s name is in black, and a cat waits in the corner. 

One amateur sleuth (Hannah), paired with eccentric locals, and a mother intent on marrying off her daughter mix together to form one cozy mystery. Hannah’s impending marriage must wait when the beloved deliveryman is found murdered behind her bakery. Hannah sets out to find the killer.  

Chocolate chips and cookies dot the cover of this cozy read. However, don’t settle in too fast. One look at the two vehicles facing each other head on will show you just a hint of the tension you’ll sure to find in this murder mystery. 

10. Double Twist by Stephanie Rowe

When Mia Murphy accidentally marries a drug kingpin, the normal life she desires goes out the window. When one of her best friends is arrested for the murder, Mia must work with her spotty past to find the real killer and keep the friends she’s always wanted.

The title itself is a play on words with its shadowed mirror. Add in a man’s legs and a woman sneaking in (or out, who knows?) the window and you’ll want to dive into this book as soon as you can.

11. Murder At Primrose Cottage by Merryn Allingham

Flora Steele enters the cozy mystery list again, this time in Cornwall, 1956. Ready for a peaceful vacation, she is understandably shocked to discover a body at her rental cottage. But then a second man is found dead. Flora enters a wartime mystery connecting her husband to his estranged father.

Don’t let the lush violet, pink, and blues of the sky deceive you. The cute cottage squatting to the right of this book cover holds a dead body, and you’re about to read about it. Enjoy this journey from page one to the last, and don’t forget to cozy up as you turn the pages!

And that sums up our cozy mystery book list! Which one will you read first? Are there any you’ve read? And which covers drew you in the best? Keep your answers in mind as you write your next book or design your next cover. Happy reading, and best wishes writing! 

Sarah Rexford

Written by
Sarah Rexford

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