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David Henry Sterry, co-author, The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published

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Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual

“Should one seek to go their own way, this book is a great lesson plan, from the mindset to the mechanics. This is actionable material, and worth your money.”
Chris Brogan, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Trust Agents

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Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer

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Lisa Alpine, author Exotic Life: Laughing Rivers, Dancing Drums and Tangled Hearts and co-author Self-Publishing Boot Camp Workbook.

“Finally, an Honest Advocate for First-time Authors! A lucky break indeed! For new writers immersed and perplexed with the intricate world of self-publishing options, Joel Friedlander’s, A Self Publisher’s Companion, is a tool they can utilize to clarify the journey and organize their goals. Commonly, new authors waste precious time and resources in failed attempts to self-promote their self-published works. Joel’s book offers clear and comprehendible avenues for unmatched success. A must read for first-timers!”
Carol Denbow, Senior Executive Editor, Plain & Simple Books

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Zoe Winters, author of Smart Self-Publishing, Becoming an Indie Author

“This book is evergreen, it will outlive the latest tools and techniques in the online world. It resonates with Joel’s many years of experience within the publishing world, his love of content creation and beauty as well as his amazing skills as a popular blogger. Highly recommended for anyone considering the self-publishing route or if you want to know more about aspects of publishing in a digital age. I have self-published four books now and still found myself jotting down notes from the useful information.”
Joanna Penn, TheCreativePenn.com

“Only Joel Friedlander—with his extensive hands-on experience as author, graphic designer, and publication consultant—could write The Self-Publisher’s Companion. A candid, informed perspective combined with exhaustively detailed advice & tips. If you want to have a profitable self-publishing experience, avoiding the pitfalls that so many fall into, you’ll want to read this book before proceeding further.”
Roger C. Parker, www.PublishedandProfitable.com

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Gordon Burgett, Niche Publishing

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