Book Design Templates Announces Agreement with Ingram Content Group to Deliver Affordable Book Formatting Solutions

by | Aug 12, 2015

Publishers can now leverage Book Design Templates’ professional, ready-to-use templates and toolkits for faster publishing on IngramSpark

Today Book Design Templates announced a new agreement with Ingram Content Group. Leveraging Book Design Templates’ 35 years of book designing experience and IngramSpark’s industry-leading publishing services, this agreement will enable publishers to more easily, professionally, and affordably format industry-standard books for publishing via IngramSpark.

“I think that Joel Friedlander is a genius. The templates that he and his team have created at are beautiful, affordable and best of all, work in the IngramSpark platform. For those new indie authors and publishers who are looking for a simple solution to creating their books, this is one of the best tools out there. Highly recommended!” said Robin Cutler, Senior Manager for IngramSpark and former book designer.

IngramSpark is the only publishing platform that delivers fully integrated print and digital distribution services to the book industry through a single source, making it possible to share books worldwide.

With this new agreement, IngramSpark publishers will reap the benefits of Book Design Templates’ professional book templates and author toolkits. Now, publishers can efficiently and professionally format their books to match Ingram Spark’s requirements, resulting in fewer delays and a more efficient publishing process. Ingram Spark publishers can also boost their marketing with author toolkits to create media kits, book launches, and blogs.

“We are thrilled to announce this agreement with Ingram Content Group. With these special offers, IngramSpark publishers can now focus on what they do best: writing. Book Design Templates will give publishers the tools they need to format their books, while Ingram Spark will manage printing, shipping, and distribution, saving publishers time and money,” said Joel Friedlander, Co-Founder of Book Design Templates.

Professional, ready-to-use formats from Book Design Templates offer an affordable alternative to high-cost book composition. The easy-to-use templates let authors and publishers create industry-standard book interiors—for both print and eBooks—from Microsoft Word.

Ingram publishers will receive discounted prices on six different designs from the 2Way template collection, as well as discounts on the most popular marketing tools. These specials are aimed at saving Ingram publishers money and time, while teeing up unlimited opportunities for publishing success.


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  1. Logos Publications

    I’ve been trying to get a response to my support query for over a week with no response. I’m really hoping this is not typical of your company. This is the first time I’ve used your services. Please don’t disappoint me. Follow up with a response.

  2. Elaine Warfield

    Hi: I was planning a photo book through Ingram and then saw your Spectacle book template for Word. I always thought Word wasn’t compatible for Ingram. So will this template work for 4 color photos?

    • Joel Friedlander

      Elaine, reproduction PDFs from Word are fine as long as the files are prepared properly. Authors using our templates have printed thousands of titles at Ingram and other POD vendors. Here’s what Robin Cutler, manager of Ingram Spark, said about them:

      “Joel Friedlander’s template tools are easy to use, beautiful and so affordable. Content creators drop their Word files into one of the templates, follow the easy-to-use guide and then export out both print (PDFs) and eBook (Epub) formats. Users can take those files, upload them into IngramSpark and they work like magic.”

      • Elaine Warfield

        Thank you! It makes it much easier for me at this point. Elaine

      • Elaine Warfield

        Joel, I have one more question regarding the Spectacle template. Since the book will be full color photos and my photos are saved as RGB color, do I need to convert them to CMYK before putting them into the template?

        • Tracy R Atkins

          Hey Elaine,

          You wont need to convert from RGB, so the photos will be fine the way they are. However, to get the best result, produce a PDF/A format PDF. If you have Adobe Acrobat, Produce a PDF-X1/A:2001 version for Ingram, as that is their preferred format.

  3. Sam King

    Great information. Just getting to know this website today and I’m in the process of publishing my first book and working on a magazine as well. Hope to get helpful information here.

    By the way, I could not find where to buy templates for book editing that everyone is talking about. Please help

  4. Pamela Hilliard Owens

    I was JUST getting ready to buy a 2Way license to format the book of a new client when I remembered I had seen this article a few weeks ago. I have an account with IngramSpark, how do I receive the discount? Thank you for an awesome service and beautiful designs!

  5. Ruth Schwartz

    As one of your original beta testers, and a big fan, using your templates for over a dozen client books in the last year alone, I think this is an excellent move for both you and IngramSpark. Nicely done, Joel!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks, Ruth, and we appreciate all your support!

  6. JD Holiday

    Wonderful, Joel! I love this. this will take all the guess work out of book design.

    • Joel Friedlander

      I love the fact that we are saving authors so much time, energy, and money by making these available, and the arrangement with Ingram will just be more goodness as far as I can see. Thanks JD!

  7. Jo Michaels

    Way to go, you two! Congratulations. :)

  8. Bill delaney

    Good job, and happy that the price of templates has dropped to its former reasonable rate. Also more likely to go through ingram in future.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Our templates work great on Ingram Spark and every other POD supplier we’ve tried them with, and with over 10,000 of them in use, they have been very thoroughly tested.



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