Blog Subscriptions

Subscribing to Blog Posts

It’s easy to stay up to date with new articles posted to You can subscribe two different ways, but either way, you’ll receive every post on the day they get published to the blog. It’s easy, it’s automatic, and you’ll love the convenience. Here are your choices:

    1. Subscribe through email
      This is the easiest option. Enter your email address and you’ll get an email in your inbox every time a new article is posted to the blog. The articles contain the original pictures and links. You can click through to the blog if you want to comment or read other people’s comments. Very convenient.


  1. Subscribe through a feedreader subscribe pageIf you like the convenience and reliability of RSS just sign up for the feed through your favorite reader. You’ll still get the illustrations and links, and the ability to click through to the site. But you’ll get the aggregation of your reader and the ability to organize feeds from many sources.

Both services are provided by Feedburner, a Google company. Whichever subscription you choose:

You will be asked to confirm your subscription. You need to click the link provided in your email to activate your subscription. This double optin protects you from lists that get filled with spam and robots.

And thanks for subscribing!