Book Construction Blueprint Resources & Forms

book productionBook Construction Blueprint has tips, advice, and guidance for authors who want to create print books.

Whether you are planning on print on demand or offset printing, print books have specific demands and hundreds of years of conventions that you need to address when designing your book and your production and marketing plans.

To help you in this publishing task, and to complement the information in the book, here is an Offset Printing Workbook with material from Book Construction Blueprint in a handy, ready-to-print format, plus a worksheet to help you navigate the estimating process.

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Additional Resources for Print Book Publishers

Aeonix Publishing Group List of Book Printers in the U.S. Even though this list is slightly out of date, it remains the best overall listing of book printers, along with a lot of other useful information for publishers.

Book production articles This will produce a clickable list of all the articles on this site that relate to book production.

BISAC Codes Here’s the official list of book categories and codes from the Book Industry Study Group