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POSTED ON Jun 16, 2012

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Yesterday I talked about all the things that come with The Self-Publishing Roadmap, the new online, video-based training program for authors who want to become savvy self-publishers.

In that post I hoped to answer the number one question I’ve been getting: “What’s in the course?” Today I’d like to look at the second-most common query:

“Is it for me?”

It seems like the best way to find that out is to look at what the course covers, and all that detail is on the Registration page, including all the modules and what subjects are covered in each one.

But how will you know whether the teaching is presented in a way you’ll find useful?

Usually, with online courses you don’t really know what you’re going to get until you get inside, but I think you deserve more. After all, this is the first course of its kind in the self-publishing field, and you have a right to know exactly what’s going on.

So to answer the “Is it for me?” question, here are some samples from “behind the wall” that you can check out.

Peeking Behind the Curtain

I’ve included a complete video lesson on ISBNs because that seems to be something a lot of people get confused about, and it will show you what the “classroom” style instruction is like.

But first, here’s what the site looks like when you log in:


You can navigate to all the modules from here, although they are being released one at a time.

Many of the videos are live action, like the sample later in this post, but there are also many screencasts. Here’s an image from a lesson using a mind map to compare different publishing paths:


And here’s an image from a video that walks you through the account setup process at Bowker, where you get your ISBNs:


Just below is the sample video lesson I promised. (Note: On the Self-Publishing Roadmap site, the videos display about 40% larger than will fit here, so they’re easier to see. If the video doesn’t appear at first please refresh your screen.)

Each video lesson comes with an MP3 audio file and is included in the transcript for that module. This allows you to study them the way that suits you best. They are all downloadable, so you can keep them or take them with you.

For example, here’s the MP3 audio file for the ISBN-1 lesson:

Last, here is one of the downloads. This “Getting an Estimate for Your Book from a Short-Run Book Printer” is from Module 3, and is just one of over 3 dozen PDFs that come with the program. If you hover your mouse near the bottom you’ll see links to enlarge and download the file if you’d like to keep it:

Registration is Going On Now

Registration is still open, so go over to the Registration page and check out the whole course description as well as all the extras, it’s quite extensive.

By doing the lessons and completing the Action Tasks that put the lessons into the real world, you’ll end up with a real competitive advantage as a publisher—you’ll know a lot more about how book publishing works than most authors know. You’ll also be ready to start creating great, professional-quality books.

You’ll make better books, and sell more of them, when you understand how to use the publishing and marketing tools you have at your disposal.

Here’s the link again so you can go check it out:

The Self-Publishing Roadmap Registration Page

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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