4 New Opportunities for Your New Year

POSTED ON Jan 1, 2016

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Happy New Year!

I love the freshness of the new year as it begins the annual cycle of seasons all over again, and how it always opens me to new opportunities.

Here are four great opportunities I’ll have for you this month, one happening today! Let’s start with that:

1. Michael Hyatt’s Free Webinar

(January 1 + more dates)

Get What You Want in 2016: 5 Secrets High Achievers Use To Accomplish Their Biggest Goals

New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt will be breaking down the secrets behind those people who always seem to get what they want.

Michael is not only an author, but a publishing industry veteran. He knows what it takes to succeed in today’s crowded market.

He’ll be sharing things like:

  • The one skill you need to achieve big goals (it’s ten times more important than experience, intelligence or the resources you have available to you)
  • The proven three-step process high achievers use to keep from getting overwhelmed by big goals
  • A simple but powerful principle that will enable you to defeat procrastination once and for all
  • Why detailed action plans work against you and an alternative so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it before

And because I know everyone’s busy, there are three different times you can attend to accommodate your schedule. Michael’s one of the best presenters I know, so expect something special from this free event.

Here’s the link: Webinar Registration Page

2. Penelope Trunk’s new course

(Begins Monday January 18)

“Write a book to reach your career goals”

New York Times bestselling author and career specialist Penelope Trunk, over 4 sessions, will show you how a book makes you look like a seasoned professional, and allows you to become well known in your field, skipping entry level jobs and making it much easier to reach your career goals.

You’ll learn how to frame your goals so that you have a path of action to achieve those goals. A book will be a big part of that action plan, but the reason so many people are disappointed after they write a book is because they write it before they take this step.

Penelope has over 1,000,000 monthly readers and has appeared in over 200 media outlets. I’ll be teaching one of the four sessions in this course, and I can’t wait.

To find out more and register, use this link: Write a book to reach your career goals​ Enrollment page

3. Joanna Penn joins me for a free webinar on self-publishing 

(Monday January 11 – save the date – info to come)

This is the first time Joanna and I have done a presentation together, and it’s going to be fun and educational. How can it not be?

I love Joanna’s style and her commitment to authors, and in this webinar we’ll walk you through the publishing process. It will be really helpful for newcomers, so watch your email for more details.

The date is January 11, 2016, so mark it on your calendar and watch for the official announcement and registration information.

4. Helen Sedwick and I launch a crazy great new product for self-publishers 

(Thursday January 21 – save the date – info to come)

Helen, an attorney and self-published author, and I put our heads together earlier this year to help authors get themselves better organized to become book publishers. 

With the vast amount of activity in the self-publishing field, and the many authors starting up their own publishing businesses, there’s expert help needed to navigate this brave new publishing world.

The date is January 21, 2016, so mark it on your calendar and watch for the official announcement and registration information.

It’s shaping up to be a blockbuster start to 2016, and I can’t wait to get going.

I’ll be out for a trail walk if the weather is nice today, then I’m diving in head first.

Thanks for joining me, it’s going to be a great ride. Have a happy and safe new year’s. I’ll meet you back here on Sunday.

Photo: Shutterstock. This post contains affiliate links, and I’m proud to offer you these high-quality resources.

Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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