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POSTED ON Jan 8, 2010

Joel Friedlander

Written by Joel Friedlander

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Now that we’re well clear of New Year’s, I have something to confess. When I was younger I never (ever) tried to set goals for myself.

No, I was too concerned with what was happening right now. Setting goals seemed like a way to avoid the present. In the present I could experience everything I wanted to experience. So what’s the point of thinking about things that won’t happen for months or years?

But over time I’ve learned the real power of setting goals. As we’ve found out more about how the unconscious works, and the power creative imagination has to shape our reality, goal-setting has become even more practical. Visualizing yourself achieving your goal exerts a powerful influence on one’s behavior.

Bloggers Need to Focus

Writing this blog is something I do in addition to working on client’s projects. Because I’m really committed to customer service, attention to the projects underway always takes precedence for my attention.

I’m in constant contact with authors who are in the process of becoming self-publishers. This keeps me focused on the challenges that they are going through, and motivates me to find ways to help them in the process. For many people the most important support they have is a reliable guide to navigating their journey into print.

That’s what got me thinking about goals. I haven’t made a “resolution” since high school, but now is the time. So here are my blogging and writing goals for 2010. Sharing them, in a way, makes me accountable. Maybe you’ll share yours, too!

  • Continue my regular blogging and daily freewriting practice
  • Complete and issue the downloadable version of the Book Construction Blueprint (BCB)
  • Complete and put up for sale the expanded print and ebook editions of the BCB
  • Begin an email newsletter to complement the articles I write on the blog
  • Produce 2 podcasts a month
  • Obtain at least one speaking engagement
  • Write 2 guest blog posts a month
  • Keep up with the changes in book printing technology and ebook technology
  • Make a truly great pizza margherita

Well, that was fun. I see that this could become a habit. Thanks for reading. Do you set goals for the year?

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Joel Friedlander

Written by
Joel Friedlander

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