The Ultimate Writer’s Journal: WriteWell Journals Launch Month (+ Coupon)

by | Aug 6, 2018

Editor’s Note: There’s a massive coupon code that accompanies this launch. See details at the end of the post.

Do you use journals?

To take notes, capture fleeting inspirations, record scenes, or work out plot lines or subject outlines for your upcoming books?

Regular readers here have been able to follow my journey creating the WriteWell Writer’s Journal.

It has been a bumpy journey, to say the least.

There have been many twists and turns, delays, disappointments, and frustrations, but a couple of months ago I finally took delivery on the first order of journals from my printer.

Following that we had more delays getting our ordering system to deal with multiple orders, international orders, and all the other stuff you have to account for when selling physical goods.

During a pre-launch, we sold several hundred journals and received rave reviews.

Just when I was about to roll out the “official” launch, I got even worse news:

The printer who had created the journals (after querying over two dozen printers) closed their doors, going out of business permanently.

Now I’ve decided to wait no longer. I’ve declared August as the launch month for WriteWell Journals. And this comes with big savings for you.

About the WriteWell Writer’s Journal

Here’s where I talked about this project and laid out some of the reasons behind it, and what I hoped to achieve:

Like you, I’ve been writing in journals for years. But too often, the journals themselves created problems.

Just when I wanted to let go and really sink into my writing, I’d instead find myself fighting with my journal.

When you write, you want to feel freedom to fully engage with your work, ease with your writing process, and pleasure at the act of writing itself.

I set out to use my 30-plus years in book design to create the ultimate writer’s journal.

The result is my new WriteWell Writer’s Journal, and I think you’re going to love it.

Journal details:

Although a journal seems pretty simple—after all, it’s a book with no words in it—there are actually quite a few details involved in creating a journal that is optimized for writing.

That focus on the needs of creative writers has guided me throughout the development process. Keep in mind these aren’t productivity journals, artistic quote journals, or anything like that.

No, they are made specifically for writers, to enhance the joy of the intimate experience of writing in your journal.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Flexible, opulent, and durable textured covers are available in cranberry or black
  • Each journal is 240 beautiful, narrow ruled pages on high-quality cream-colored Glatfelter paper
  • Journals are sewn (“thread binding”) and will never fall apart or lose pages
  • Corners are rounded to prevent bent and dog-eared pages
  • Size is 5-3/4″ x 8-1/4″ (about A5) for lots of “room to write”
  • Journals lie flat anywhere you open them
  • Page numbers and an Index page at the end help you locate your work
  • Each journal comes with a ribbon sewn in to mark your place
  • Journals and all materials are made in the U.S.A.

Here’s what the interior pages look like; note the page numbers—now you’ll actually be able to find what you’ve written!

WriteWell Journal

What Writers Are Saying

Here’s some of the first feedback we’ve received on the journals:

“I love the overall look and the feel of The Journal, especially the size, which is easy to carry, so I can take it anywhere! The paper is nice to write on, not too absorbent. The cover and lack of graphics make it simple and rich looking. I do not write everyday, but I have found that since the journal is so handy and has such a nice surface to write on, I look forward to writing in it. I am more motivated to write!”
—Mary LynnSlattery, Novato

“I use journals constantly and most covers eventually fall apart in a short amount of time. That would not be the case for this cover. The spacing is not to big and not to small. I’m able to get much information onto one page. The spacing makes the journal lasts longer. But my favorite feature is the numbered pages. I got really excited when I was able to make reference to a page, using the page number, regarding a topic that I previously wrote about on another page. The index feature is amazing. I’ve wasted much time trying to find a system that works in my other journals. I’ve found none in previous journals.”
—Florence Druid, author

“I am in love with it! I am using the journal for writing blog posts, magazine articles, saving favorite quotations, business plans, and big ideas. The writing paper is smooth, soft, and a quality texture that only a writer and author might especially appreciate. Having numbered pages are useful for locating my journal sections, a novel concept. Having an Index page was brilliant along with the numbered pages. Because the book is durable and flexible for actually being able to write in easily due to the design, size, and formatting, it will often be used and carried without concern of delicacy.”
—Dawn Marie Carlson, Petaluma

“I love the paper. And the dimensions. And especially the cover. The thing just feels great in my hand. No rings, so hard corners, or weird-feeling cardboard or fake leather, or puffy anything. Just perfect. I love the narrow lines. And especially the page numbers. And that it lies flat. Brilliant.”
—Brian Felsen, Los Angeles

Don’t those quotes make you want to have one of these journals for your own?

Shipping Internationally and Quantity Discounts

Our Order Form can take orders for shipment to any country, and for quantities with discounts up to 6 copies.

Yes, discounts. If you order more than 1 journal to be shipped within the U.S., you will get a discount. The more journals you buy, the bigger the discount. Isn’t that nice? You can’t get a deal like that from the store you’re getting your journals from now.

Not only that, but all orders for 2 or more journals shipped within the U.S. ship free.

WriteWell Journals aren’t sold in any stores—although this may change in the near future—and that’s why I can offer both quantity discounts and free shipping when you order directly from our website.

Coupon Code Eliminates Your Risk

During the month of August, everyone who buys one of my new journals will get a coupon code worth $22 (the cost of an individual journal) that you can use on my Book Design Templates site. After all, you’ll probably be publishing some of the writing you’re doing in your journal, right?

After you order, you’ll receive an email with the coupon code. The code will expire on September 10, so if you do buy a journal make sure to use that coupon!

Background Posts on the Development of the Journals

If you’ve missed the story, you can catch up on earlier episodes in the WriteWell journy here:

tbd advanced publishing starter kit


  1. Margaret Watkins

    Hello. Thanks for the advice. I think any writer, even a newcomer, will be useful to have such a Journal. After all, the muse can visit at any time. And when there is not a pen or paper near at hand, the thought can fly away very quickly …

  2. Michael N. Marcus

    When I was an “award-winning Madison Avenue copywriter,” an agency I worked for employed a very disorganized account exec. Lou was notorious for missing appointments, losing notes, not putting ads into production, etc.

    The owner of the agency finally insisted that Lou use a “day book” to keep notes on every conversation and meeting. I started doing it, too, and I have bound books going back to the mid-70s.

    They are hard to lose, but I don’t use them for writing books. If I want to end up with a Word doc, I start with a Word doc.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Good point, and I totally agree. I don’t use my journals these days for writing that’s destined to appear in print or online. But I do a lot of note-taking, noodling ideas, drawing mind maps, diagramming sales funnels, making notes during client meetings, and a host of other activities.

      But transcribing to a Word doc? No, I’d rather not.

  3. Joel Friedlander

    Thanks, Michael. I get your drift, but switched to notebooks/journals years ago when I got tired of trying to find the Post-it or scrap of paper or back of envelope I wrote that important stuff down. At least in a book, it’s a lot harder to lose!

  4. michael n,. marcus

    It’s an attractive, well-thought-out, reasonably priced product, I like the sound of “Glatfelter,” but I won’t buy a journal. Here’s why:

    (1) I occasionally write notes on Post-its, or 8.5×5.5-inch lined pads, but seldom more than a partial sentence or a string of digits.

    (2) My handwriting/printing is nearly illegible–even to me.

    (3) If I’m writing bits of what I expect to become a book, I do it on a PC with MS Word. I start formatting the book immediately. I write books–not just words, pages or chapters.

    (4) I lose stuff. I have a rule to never buy anything small and valuable. I won’t spend more than a buck on a pen.

    I hope you don’t have to win over others like me.


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