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To help you get going I’ve put together these great guides and resources, so check this out:

What’s In the “Starter Kit”

A copy of each of the Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides. These guides will give you basic information all self-publishers need to know. Taken together they will give you basic training in some of the most important subjects you’ll want to know before you publish your first book.

  • Copyright—30 pages. Everything you need to know about copyright to publish your book and protect your rights.
    • Learn about what goes on the copyright page
    • Get samples you can copy and paste right into your book
    • Discover the myths and misinformation about copyright
  • ISBNs and Barcodes—21 pages. What you need to know to get and use ISBNs and barcodes on your self-published book.
    • Learn to read and decode the secrets buried inside this simple string of numbers
    • Get answers to your questions about ISBN
    • Complete with links to ISBN and Bar Code resources.
  • Distribution & Discounts—21 pages. How book distribution works and how to make the most of it.
    • Cure confusion about how discounts work
    • See into the book distribution system
    • How the discounts you choose can have a huge effect on your book sales
  • Print on Demand—16 pages. How this amazing technology works and how you can profit from it.
    • Follow the steps as your book goes through the print on demand system
    • See exactly who the players are and how to “follow the money” in these automatic transactions
    • Use print on demand in conjunction with other formats to boost your sales
  • Article Marketing for Authors—24 pages. Using strategic writing to bring traffic to your author website and sell books.
    • How to make use of this free marketing resource on
    • Strategies for sourcing content
    • Establishing links that will lead people to your books.

In addition, the Self-Publisher’s “Starter Kit” also includes the PDF version of my recent book, A Self-Publisher’s Companion..

A Self-Publisher's Companion Cover Low-ResolutionA Self-Publisher’s Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish—This 222-page book has some of my best writing and advice on self-publishing. It includes discussions of:

  • Social media marketing for authors
  • Author branding
  • Cover design tips

and a whole lot more. Joanna Penn, Dan Poynter, Chris Brogan and a lot of other people have called it “highly recommended.”

The Self-Publisher’s “Starter Kit” also includes audio and video modules for multimedia learning. Get great pointers on book design in:

1325111707_mp3Book Design to Sell, a lengthy and detailed interview I did with writing coach and entrepreneur Laura Cross. Laura really grilled me with specific design and production questions, and I didn’t hold back. This interview runs 57 minutes and it’s packed with content. It comes complete with a transcript and includes subjects like:

  • Best fonts to use in your book
  • Design mistakes that can kill your sales
  • Common self-publisher mistakes and how to avoid them

The last component in the Self-Publisher’s “Starter Kit” is a webinar that’s brand new. This presentation walks you through the principles behind how to figure out what kind of books to publish. This is some of the “secret sauce” that will show you how to create books your readers really want to buy.

Publishing Strategies for Self-Publishers: How to Publish the Right Book, a 24-minute Webinar that gives you a step-by-step look at how to create books your readers really want to buy. Over 40 slides with audio narration, including:

  • Publishing strategies and goals
  • Avoiding “impossible” books
  • The kinds of books best for self-publishing


Let’s Review What’s In the “Starter Kit”


Okay, let’s go over that one more time. Here are the parts of the “Starter Kit” including the retail value for each item:


$50 = 5 Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides at $10 each
(the price they sell at every day)

A Self-Publisher's Companion Cover Low-Resolution
$15 = A Self-Publisher’s Companion
(retail price, even Amazon doesn’t discount it much)

$39 = Design to Sell teleseminar
(This 57-minute audio comes with a complete transcript)

$47 = Publishing Strategies for Self-Publishers
(A 25-minute video Webinar I’ve never sold before)


$151 = Total retail value


What’s it going to cost you?


Only $47

That’s a discount of 70%!



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The “$32 Million-Dollar Author” of over 38 books, Roger C. Parker, had this to say about the Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides:

“The strength of the Guides lies in both Joel Friedlander’s years of experience as an author, publisher, and book designer combined with his ability to simplify and communicate complex information.

“Newcomers to self-publishing can learn the basics they need to know, and everyone can learn how to write, design, and market e-books.”

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“I’m an award-winning journalist, TED Global 2009 speaker and a full-time ghostwriter. My clients include businessmen/women, Superbowl stars, the National Concealed Carry Association and a celebrity or two. With all my writing experience I STILL get tips and info I didn’t know about self-publishing from Joel. I think it’s great info, clearly presented, easy to follow and well-written. Love it!”
Becky Blanton, Richmond, VA

“I feel like I’ve received a crash course in self-publishing. Out of all the sites I’ve found on self-publishing, yours has been the most informative, user-friendly and encouraging but realistic.”
Gemma Tarlach, McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica (really)

“Joel, Your posts have become invaluable to me – I would not miss even one. Your information has expanded significantly the direction (and success) of our business. Keep up the great work!”
—John Harding, IDKPress Los Angeles, CA

“Joel, your teaching materials are tremendous help to me. They cover virtually every area I need to know in an easy to understand and customer friendly way.”
—Joseph P., Chicago, IL

“Your advice is a tremendous help to independent publishers but will help all authors who want their books to succeed.”
—Mike Larsen, San Francisco, CA

Joel, thanks so much for your information which proved to be quite helpful starting out! It is so easy when you have an expert going along before you to ensure you’re making the correct steps.
—PJ, Peoria USA

“You have the most comprehensive and up-to-date blog on self-publishing on the internet. I read you all the time and always learn so much. Thank you for the work that you do–it makes my life a lot easier.”
Janet Bennett, Vermillion, OH

“I cannot say enough about Joel. Every day I’m in awe at how he shows one how to make the self-publishing process simple.”
—Sylvia Hubbard, founder of The Michigan Literary Network, Detroit, MI

“I have been able to go from being stuck and not knowing what to do with my completed manuscript, to having a well-prepared book that is ready for self-pub.”
Margo Gallagher, Petaluma, CA

“My first book, The Book of Palms, just won the IPBA Benjamin Franklin “Book of the Year Awards” Silver Medal for 2011. Without Joel’s help my book would never have been published. Thank you Joel!”
—Tom Millea, Carmel CA

“I’m new to the self publishing arena and I find myself coming back to Joel’s website, information and vast resources time and time again.”
—Annette Elton, Longmont, Colorado

“As a reviewer for, I read and reviewed Joel’s book, and I was most impressed by his sincerity. I will stick with him.”
—Moxie Cosmos (aka Karen Dahood), Tucson, AZ

“So you’ve written a book, you’ve published it—now what? If you’re lucky, you find out about Joel. He’s helped me avoid many of the pitfalls of self-publishing, from layout mistakes in ebooks to acting gauche while you’re trying to get the word out.”
Henning Bauer, San Francisco, CA

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