Book Design Templates Now With 12 “Done For You” Services

by | Sep 11, 2013

You know, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and energy teaching authors what I know about producing and marketing great books. From picking your book fonts to setting up an author blog to managing your distribution. Yep, there’s a lot to know in indie publishing to do it right.

But I have to admit, for one segment of authors, almost all of this has been wasted.

I’m talking about the authors who don’t want to “do it themselves.” They want it done for them. And hey, that’s often a good idea, and one that can save you a lot of time, frustration, and uncertainty.

After all, if you hire a professional to take on some of these tasks, you’re likely to get a better result, as well as getting your time back so you can do something more valuable. Like writing your next book, or marketing the books you have in print.

Tracy and I were talking about what our Book Design Templates customers want, in addition to the templates we sell for do-it-yourself authors.

And it was undeniable: what they want is help when they need it, and sometimes, for someone else to just do it for them.

So today I’m pleased to announce we’re now offering Premium Services. Here’s what we’ve got on offer, let me know if you’re likely to use any of these, and if you think they will save you time. Premium Services

PDF Creation
We convert your finished book into a print-ready PDF you can upload to your printer or POD vendor. We’ll make sure that your PDF has all of the right fonts and images embedded, and that every page is the right size, ready for print. (Note: We do not edit, review, or change the content of your book file, so please be sure your book is in its final form before submission.)

Add a Table of Contents
Our fiction and children’s book templates are designed to create great-looking fiction books. But we know some authors would like to use a fiction or children’s book template for their non-fiction books. We’ll add an easy-to-update Contents page and format it to match your template.

Add New Front or Back Matter Pages
Sometimes you want to add a section to your book that falls outside of what our standard templates offer. If that’s the case with your book, we’ll add up to two new, fully formatted and styled front matter or back matter pages to your template for you.

Insert Images with Captions
Do you have photos, graphics, or other non-text elements to add to your book? Not sure of the best way to do that without messing up your carefully formatted pages? No worries. We’ll add up to five images to your file—complete with captions—wherever you like. (You’ll need to supply the images.)

Add Custom Text Styles
Sometimes authors want a specific type of quote, a custom bullet character, or a special paragraph format used in their books. We’ll make it easy by creating new styles to your specifications, and then add them to your template file.

Create a Custom Trim / Page Size Template
Although we offer a wide variety of trim sizes for our standard templates, your project may a unique page size. If that’s the case, we’ll modify any of our standard templates to a new size to accommodate your needs. (Does not include the cost of the template license.)

Substitute a Custom Font
Do you have a favorite font you’d like to use with one of our templates? Just prefer a font that comes with a different template? No problem. We’ll change any one of the standard fonts in our templates to one of your choosing, and we’ll modify the default styles in the template where needed. (You must supply the font.)

Convert Your Completed Ebook to a Kindle-Ready HTML File
Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) often requires you to upload an HTML version of your book, instead of a Word .DOCX file, if it contains pictures, is a non-fiction book with bullet points, or is a children’s picture book. The HTML version of your eBook file ensures that your book looks and works correctly on all Kindle screens. We make it easy by converting your final eBook Word file (formatted using one of our templates, of course) to HTML and then compressing it into the required .ZIP file for you.

Convert a Finished Print Book to an eBook
Just finished your print book using a template and want to have us convert it to the eBook version for you? We can save you the time by doing it for you. We’ll take your finished book file (formatted with one of our templates) and transfer it to the eBook version of the template for you. (This service includes the eBook template license.)

Professional Review of Your Book or eBook File for Formatting Issues
Do you have everything ready for publication, but want an expert eye to double-check your book file before you launch it into the world? No problem, we’ll review your interior file and let you know if we find any formatting, pagination, or other layout issues that need to be corrected. Then we’ll give you a report of our findings along with suggestions on how to fix any problems we find.

Advanced Tech Support
Although we strive to make our templates foolproof and easy to use, sometimes you just need a hand to finalize your book. Maybe you’re having a problem with page numbering or styles. Whatever the reason, we offer affordable support to assist you with any issue you’re having with your book project. (Priced at $97/hour and billed in ¼-hour increments. We’ll give you an estimate before we start work, too.)

Format Your Fiction Manuscript
Do you have a manuscript you’d like to publish with one of our templates, but just don’t feel like tackling it yourself? No problem. We’ll take your manuscript (fiction or similar manuscripts only, please) and create your book file for you. You’ll save time, and have the assurance of knowing that it’s styled and formatted properly right from the beginning. (Priced in Blocks of 10,000 words total length, does not include the template license.)

How It Works

Head over to the Premium Services page to get complete details and pricing information. After you pay for the service you want, you’ll be taken to a page where you can access our submission form. That’s where you’ll upload the files you want us to work on. You’ll get an acknowledgement of your order, and an estimated time of delivery.

I think these services, whether it’s just adding some photos, or formatting your entire book for you, are going to be very helpful for authors.

As always, I’d love to know what you think. Let me know in the comments.

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  2. Carol Fragale Brill

    Hi Joel, great to know these resources are now available from a source I’ve come to trust.
    You share so much “how to” info about self-publishing, and you don’t just tell us, you show how to build followers by providing value.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks Carol, it’s great to have you as a reader.

  3. Dan

    Nice write-up, Joel! I agree with many of the services. What really drives sales today in the internet age are:

    – converting paper books to EBOOKS
    – ensuring you have a great selection of fonts & ToC
    – make sure the cover image pulls the reader in
    – after converting to eBook, make sure to keep the files secure
    – lastly, just as people would hire you for some of these services, they should look for someone who will stop any ebook theft/piracy to cut down on lost sales. This is a major headache and very time consuming for many authors.


    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks, Dan. The remarkable popularity of the templates we’ve developed show that people want a solid, easy to implement way to get their work into the world, and I think our ebook templates specifically are going to be massively helpful to many authors.

  4. Jason Matthews

    Really smart to offer these things. The simple truth is that many authors just can’t deal with the headaches of learning how to do every single thing it takes to effectively put ebooks together. Believe me, I know it can take months (or more) to really learn these things. Much hair has been lost. Much screaming at the computer has been done. Hiring the right people for a reasonable price is the best solution for many authors.

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks, Jason. I completely agree, and these services arose right out of authors’ requests, so maybe the message is getting through. The power and speed of self-publishing, and particularly e-publishing, can be seductive, but most authors, in my opinion, are really much better off working on their writing, on marketing, and can develop vendor relationships that will help them for years to come.

  5. Debby Gies

    Hi Joel! Wow, finally. I follow all your info and great ideas and often wondered why you hadn’t stepped on the band wagon with offering these services since so many Indies pay formatters for these services. I am although, a bit confused on the services. Most formatters I have quotes from offer some sort of an all in one. Formatting for kindle and mobi, correct the little things, like blank spaces that show up on docs because perhaps some ‘styles’ practices were overlooked, dropped caps on first word of paragraphs, and a POD format. Don’t forget some of us writers don’t know a lot of the technical aspect to formatting, hence, that is why we are more than happy to pay someone to do it for us, rather than a time suck from our writing. I for one, had enough learning curve with styles while typing my MS, I certainly don’t have the head for all the formatting jargon. Love your expertise!

    • Joel Friedlander

      Thanks so much, Debby. We’re not really building an ebook conversion business, all of these services are designed specifically for our template buyers, but your feedback is much appreciated, and as we continue to develop the offerings there, we’ll keep responding to the requests we receive. BTW there are a lot more template-related products we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks, so watch for them.

    • Tracy Atkins

      Hello Debbie,

      We really have two services that cover that spectrum in an ala cart fashion, but we might need to revise our verbiage or even offer another product that is an all-in-one too. We are really looking for input from the commenters and customers here, who are very much aware of what they need, to give us direction and ideas for how best to serve them.

      The first service “Professional Review of Your Book or eBook File for Formatting Issues” is geared toward people who have used the template files to layout their book, but aren’t quite sure if they have everything right, and need a detailed review with notes to fix it. We look at this as a low-cost way to have someone proof the books that are generated with our templates, just so you don’t have to worry about overlooking something.

      The second service “Format Your Fiction Manuscript” goes a step further, where we take your raw manuscript file for your fiction book, and put it in one of our templates for you. We make sure it is formatted correctly; all of the styles are applied, etc. We supply a completed template file back, at a really reasonable cost that is far less than a traditional book design.

      The other services, from transferring your print template to an eBook file, creating PDFs, creating KDP ready HTML files, etc., can all be added to those first two services to give you what you want, without paying for anything you don’t.

      So, if you want your raw manuscript put into both a print template, with a PDF for print, you would simply purchase the following services and products:

      (Purchase a Template) + (Format Your Fiction Manuscript) + (Create a PDF)

      If you want to take that print file and make an eBook out of it then you could add;

      (Convert a Finished Print Book to an eBook) + (Convert your finished eBook to a Kindle-KDP Ready HTML File)

      That said, if there is a lot of interest in a combination package that formats and provides a wide array of output files, we are certainly open to working on it.


      • Debby Gies

        Thank you Tracy and Joel! This is great food for thought and gives much to think about! And lol to Jason, so true.

  6. Alan Drabke

    HTML File for Kindle?
    Please sir, plese explain why you only convert doc.x files to HTML. Why don’t you go the whole distance and offer your clients a MOBI file?

    • Tracy Atkins

      Hello Alan!

      We took a good look at the requests for special services by our customers and created our offerings based upon what was most in demand. That said, if we get a lot of requests to do Mobi or ePub conversions too, we will certainly add it to our list of services.

      We do have an advanced support option, so if you do need a mobi file, please feel free to contact us on our website contact form, and we can discuss meeting your needs.



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