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by | Jul 19, 2013

Last week I announced a new book interior formatting service which I called—in a real leap of the imagination—Book Interiors.

But there was some confusion about exactly what was being offered, and how it differed from other services that seem similar.

So here’s a rundown of these services so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you when it comes time to produce your next book.

Any questions, please leave a note in the comments.

Custom Book Design and Production

For many years I’ve designed and produced books for publishers and for authors who want to publish.

Because I don’t have as much time as I used to, I can only work on a small number of projects each year.

But I’m very proud of the award-winning books I’ve created for clients over the years, and when you contract with me for book design and production, you can expect:

  • A formatting analysis of your book
  • Recommended production methods based on your marketing objectives
  • Custom design samples showing several ways your book can communicate its content
  • Professional-grade typesetting in Adobe InDesign using high-end fonts from Adobe and other foundries
  • The ability to produce books of any size and style, limited only by production requirements
  • Advice on book construction, depending on your manuscript
  • Access to referrals to my network of publishing professionals including editors, proofreaders, specialty designers, printers, and other providers
  • Final reproduction-quality PDF files created to match the specifications of your printer, digital or offset
  • Ebook conversion by a trusted supplier, at your option
  • Complete ownership of the design and all application-level files used to create your book

The service includes both cover design and interior design, although each is available separately.

To find out more or get an estimate on these services, please use our Contact Form.

Professional Quality Book Interiors Service

This is the new service launched last week, and all information about it is on our new Book Interiors page.

For this service you’ll choose from one of our six pre-designed styles. Using the submission form you upload your manuscript and give us the information we need to estimate your job.

Clients of the Book Interiors service can expect:

  • Professional-quality interior typesetting using Adobe InDesign and my collection of high-end fonts from Adobe and other foundries
  • Quick turnaround of your project, most of which are completed in about a week
  • Designs are available in fixed, standard sizes and with pre-set layouts
  • Competitive pricing and full support
  • Ebook conversion by a trusted supplier, at your option
  • This service is currently available only for straight text books without subheads, footnotes, endnotes, tabular composition, or other non-text elements.

This service is ideal if you need a professional-quality book interior, want it quickly and at a good price, and need someone who understands how books are put together.

Book Design Templates

Launched in February of this year at, this template site has been very popular.

If you license one of the templates there, you’ll receive:

  • Your choice of one of the Microsoft Word templates available in 6 styles for fiction and other lightly-formatted text, and 3 styles for nonfiction
  • All the fonts needed for the design are delivered with the template itself
  • You’ll also get our Formatting Guide that steps you through the process of creating a book in Microsoft Word
  • A variety of licensing options for each template depending on how you plan to use it
  • Templates for both print and ebooks

These templates are already helping hundreds of authors produce good-looking, industry-standard books quickly. But keep in mind these are not considered “professional-quality” books for two reasons:

  1. Typesetting with Microsoft Word will not achieve truly professional results.
  2. The fonts used in the templates are good fonts that we’ve extensively tested, but they are free fonts that are available for commercial distribution.

I’ve been amazed at how great the books look that authors are creating with these templates, and you can expect to start seeing some case studies soon.

And although the variety of designs is limited at the moment, it will be expanding quite soon to offer an entire new range of book designs (more on that soon) as well as InDesign versions of all our templates.

(By the way, we also have an affiliate program for the template site and welcome applications. More information from our Affiliate Page.)

Summing Up

So, here are your choices and who they might be good for:

  • Custom book design for authors with a book that needs special attention; is heavily formatted or illustrated; or where you want the support of my 30+ years producing award-winning books (Contact form)
  • Book Interiors for publishers who want an economical book interior quickly, and can work with the pre-set designs, but still need the quality of a book produced with Adobe InDesign and top quality fonts (Book Interiors page)
  • Book Design Templates for authors who want to do their own books in Microsoft Word without the frustration and time it takes to figure out how to do it yourself (

Throughout everything I do here and in my webinars, training courses, and other products and services, I aim to help you build better books, and to get more from your publishing experience.

I look forward to seeing your book come alive, and to seeing you reach your readers with books that will bring your message to the world.


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  1. Nancy Beck

    Like Diane, I also bought one of the templates (the Bomber one), and am very happy with it. Altho I couldn’t use it for my first fantasy series (a contemporary fantasy), I think the fonts are great for the second fantasy series (it takes place in the 1930s), which I hope to upload and POD sometime soon.

    I’m sure I’ll buy another one, because the templates are working out very nicely. :-)

  2. Diane Krause

    I’m excited to know you’re continuing to expand your easy-to-use services to authors. I recently tried out the new Book Design Templates and was VERY happy with both the product and the service. I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to formatting, and Tracy could not have been more helpful and patient as I tweaked my books to get them the way I needed them. I used two templates for a client project (I’m a freelance editor), and am getting ready to put my own book on CreateSpace with one of your templates.

    I also referred a friend, and she purchased a template for her latest cozy mystery novel.

    I hope you keep adding more, because I’ll continue to use them. Any cookbook templates in the works? I’m working on my second cookbook now. :)

    Keep up the good work.

    • Joel Friedlander

      That’s great, Diane, and sincere thanks for referring our products, that’s awesome.

      Here’s a preview of what’s coming up: Later this month we’re adding a completely new line of 5 brand new templates to the site, and I expect them to be very popular. They are all for children’s books.

      Later in the summer we’ll be unveiling a large expansion of the site for more pro-level book interiors, so stay tuned for that. If you’re on any of my mail lists, you’ll get advance word and likely some pretty hefty discounts, also.

    • Shelley Sturgeon


      Thanks for the heads up. It wasn’t you. I’ve fixed the link.

      Try it again. ;-)


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