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Do you know the difference between

self-publishers who get everything right, while others seem to get stuck at
every point along the way?

Don’t want to get stuck? Learn the ins and outs of publishing so your book stands the best possible chance of success.

When you think about it, getting things done is easier when you’ve prepared for it.
There are a lot of tasks to accomplish to get a book into print. Many of these tasks take specific knowledge about how best to get them done.

Your book will be a reflection of how well you’ve tackled each step of the publishing process.
When people look at your book—readers, bookstore buyers, book reviewers—they will quickly categorize it in their minds. It’s just the way we work. You want them to see your book in the best possible light. You want to put a good-quality, properly-constructed, well written and edited book in their hands, because you only get one shot at making that first imporession.

Knowing how to navigate this journey to publication can make all the difference.
While some people will publish many books in their lives, others will publish only one book. It ought to be the best book you can create.

Every step of the path to publication requires specific information. By reading the ‘Self-Publishers Quick & Easy Guides’ you’ll create better books. In fact, you’ll be able to put this information to use right away.

Learn the ins and outs of publishing your own book.
Each guide focuses on one area so you can understand just what you need to know. They are easy to read and digest. There are resource links to drill down deeper into each subject. And they are formatted and sized to be easy to print.


Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Copyright

Self-Publishers Quick & Easy Guide to Copyright
Everyone who publishes a book needs to understand copyright. After you read this Guide you’ll know how copyright works, how to protect book, and how to lay out your copyright page. Lots of samples are provided, and step by step instructions, too. Click the book to order, or here to Read More…

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to ISBNs and Barcodes

Self Publishers Quick & Easy Guide to ISBNs and BarcodesAlmost every book sold has an International Standard Book Number, yet confusion still surrounds this code. Learn how to use ISBN, how to get it, and what it means. Includes questions and answers about ISBN, and how to decode both the ISBN and the Bookland EAN barcode that appears on the back of your book cover. Click the book to order, or here to Read More…


Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Print on Demand

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Book Distribution and Discounts

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Cover Design that Sells

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Picking Typefaces for Your Book

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Growing Your Author Platform

Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guide to Making Print Decisions

. . . and more.

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self-publishing book designJoel Friedlander has had a long career in graphic design, advertising and book publishing. He’s worked for traditional publishers and run his own publishing company. Joel’s won awards for his book design and production, and has helped hundreds of aspiring self-publishers with his informative and entertaining articles.

He is the owner of Marin Bookworks, a book design and production company producing books for publishers and self-publishers. His blog,, has become a leading resource for authors, publishers and designers on book design and the best practices for self-publishing.

His articles are featured on websites and in print publications including Publetariat, The Self-Publishing Review, The RIT Open Publishing Lab and the IBPA Independent. He is an expert contributor for Amazon’s CreateSpace community, and is on the BookBuzzr Panel of Experts. As a trusted industry resource, Joel has been called “the best teacher for new self-publishers” on the internet. His blog was recently named by Jane Friedman, editorial director of Writer’s Digest, as one of the three most useful websites for self-publishers.

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